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Domestic Goddess

I have raised a lot more children then I have given birth to. You probly wouldn’t even believe I am only twenty-nine and in the next seven months will welcome my first grandbaby. 401 more words

Me Being Me

Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain

I love the rain. My kids on the other hand do not. My youngest son. The spitting image of his father. With his eyes that are so blue they are almost a color all by themselves. 449 more words

Me Being Me

What's Your Point

I started this as an outlet. Just some place to ramble. I had Facebook and such before this. You know that place where you have 300 friends you don’t even really know or talk to just see all there status’ and watch them make spectacles of themselves. 488 more words

Me Being Me

I Was Crazy Before Crazy Was Cool..

My blog addy is Freethruthought.wordpress.com. The reason I named it that was because really anyone is free in their thoughts if they can control their thought. 426 more words

Me Being Me

Becoming A Woman

As my niece nears the age of puberty, I can’t help but remember my own journey to “becoming a woman”.  As with everything else in my life, it was an experience fraught with awkwardness. 435 more words

Awkward Charm