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Becoming A Woman

As my niece nears the age of puberty, I can’t help but remember my own journey to “becoming a woman”.  As with everything else in my life, it was an experience fraught with awkwardness. 435 more words

Awkward Charm

Am still alive.

Another bloody day.  Fucking awful yesterday.  The bones all ached from top to bottom inside themselves.  My muscles are automatically moving – a sort of cramp. 1,061 more words

Brings people closer.

It’s nice sharing things in common with someone.

You can grow closer because you both like something, which is great when first meeting someone because you have loads to talk about. 39 more words


Found it ^__^

Help, help 

If you are interested in supernatural stuff and not scared to look at the creepy pictures then come right in. 80 more words

Me Being Me


Are you sure you want to know?

Enter at your own risk. 174 more words

Me Being Me

Weird feeling of just not doing anything.

Now that i’m an adult and sometimes long for days of doing nothing similar to how things were before i graduated high school. I have no idea what to do with my free time, if i get any at all. 227 more words

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