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Weird feeling of just not doing anything.

Now that i’m an adult and sometimes long for days of doing nothing similar to how things were before i graduated high school. I have no idea what to do with my free time, if i get any at all. 227 more words

Life/Love Stories


This is a story I really love. I read it first in my brother’s high school Urdu book. I forgot the name of the author but the story still remains with me. 500 more words

Me Being Me

Just sayin'

New to this game.  Since the whole world is talking to itself so loudly, no-one can hear me, I’m joining in the shouting.

HELLLOOOO WORLD….. 208 more words

When i'm being strange in my own home, leave me alone.

This probably sounds strange.

Ever since i was younger, i’ve acquired this habit to laying on the floor in really specific locations in my house. Depending on what is bothering me at the moment, i gravitate to certain locations more than others. 474 more words