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8 weeks

Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks post-op.  which is amazing.  it feels like it’s been forever, but it also feels like my surgery was just yesterday. 541 more words

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From Boyaca to Bogota to Warren to D.C

Last Saturday was my sister’s bridal shower and my aunt brought some old-timey photos to share with the family. A while back, I posted some pictures of my… 437 more words

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I think I've Been Dumped :/

I think I’ve been dumped. First he didn’t show up. Then he texted me at 3:30am to say he “got in late” and wouldn’t be able to meet up with me the next day. 142 more words

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One month on

Evolving into freedom? I’d like to think so – I’ve been thinking a lot about set-points. We hear about happiness set-points, and how everyone has the level of happiness they tend to return to when circumstances aren’t too extremely positive or negative (or when they are, but we’ve adjusted to them over time). 269 more words


If You Wear a Chinese Size Large, I Have Something for you.

A while ago I ordered four cute and very inexpensive dresses from a Chinese clothing website. Work was slow and work boredom often equals online shopping. 361 more words

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Breasts On... Breasts Off

Warning, this post contains a critically low level of sewing content.

Breast cancer treatment has all sorts of twists and turns and at the start of this adventure I did not foresee the removal of my breasts as part of my treatment. 485 more words

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We're Moving!

“Half-Way” is going through some ch-ch-ch-changes once again and looking towards the future with a hope that, one day, we’ll actually be able to make some mo-mo-mo-money off of our work (because all writers should get paid, don’t you agree?). 123 more words

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