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OK so I got bored and this is what happended

OK so today my parents went out to the pub with their mates; leaving around three. Now I wasn’t in the mood to go out so I stayed on the sofa watching youtube, waiting for the most amazing music video EVER …. 137 more words


lone ant in the morning sun

getting things done

Like the ant, I am struggling with the daily project, so when in doubt make some rules. 69 more words

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Legally Blonde

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a plethora of tweets implying my death.


Unfortunately, I’m still here and very much alive. 59 more words

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It’s not that I think myself a photographer.
Just that my words are needed elsewhere at the moment.

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Date Night

Saturday night Grady and I FINALLY got the chance to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

We got kind of wild….

Dinner, a drink at a friend’s bar and then a trip to WAL-MART!!!! 503 more words


Socially Awkward Dinosaur

When I retired from playing Roller Derby I took up announcing. It seemed a natural move for me as I’ve always been good at talking. It turns out that I am better at talking about Roller Derby than I ever was at playing it. 1,579 more words

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Bankstown noir

Last night I was telling someone about how the area of Sydney where I was born and grew up holds no poetry for me. I used to actively hate it, but over the last few years as the suburbs begin to age ungracefully, I am developing a reluctant feeling of acceptance, sometimes curiosity even, heavily mixed with the ironic.

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