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Thoughts and struggle concerning time

You may have noticed that I’m still not very active on my blog these days. Honestly, I can’t blame my arm anymore. Although there is still some healing to do, it’s feeling much better and I’ve recovered a wide range of movement I had struggled with the last few months. 812 more words

Family Life

Dinner with the Girls

For a working mom like me, me time is precious. The time for myself reenergizes me and puts me in the right mood to be a better wife and mother. 104 more words


How to Say No

True fact: There are only 24 hours in a day. No matter what you do with those hours, you only get 24 of them. You can stay up late or sleep them away, but everyone gets the same amount. 401 more words


10 Things I Do For Myself

  1. Take more pictures than I could ever possibly need. Even if it annoys my kids or my husband, so what. I love having the pictures to look back at.
  2. 272 more words

Does It Make Me a Horrible Person If…

Does it make me a horrible person if I pretend I’m home alone, because I so desperately want my “me time,” of which I am so fond of? 309 more words


3 positive thoughts on Monday 20 October

1. Whoever says housework isn’t soothing is wrong. Makes me appreciate the pretty little home that’s all mine all over again.

2. The best thing about having holidays is that I get to refocus and set target back to me. 27 more words


Finding Mummy's Smile. Blogtober 18th.

Dear diary,

Mister C is playing with Baby C and here I am. With my coffee. Breathing it in.

Just thought you might like to know. 206 more words