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Best me-time for me

I’m busy. My days are filled with everything for everybody. The only time I get to be alone is when I’m in the shower. Then, when I blow dry my hair. 100 more words


RIP Goto Kenji

May he rest in peace ;(
I still hope the video is or was fake (honestly I don’t have the courage to watch it myself) but the world thought that the murder on Yukawa Haruna was also not real – and it was. 768 more words

Private Blog

An overdose of "Me Time" isn't always the best times

Are you the type of person who loves more “Me time” and doesn’t really go out? A person who would rather be alone than hang out with friends? 520 more words

Life's Spices Etc.

Today's run

I headed out for today’s run fully intending to come home, shower, and change before doing anything else for the day.

Oh, how plans change. … 169 more words

A Grungens' Saturday

I love Saturdays; they are the one day that I can really relax and do things for myself.

Before I really get up: I like to check social media and cuddle with my cat (Okay we cuddle every morning.) 263 more words

New Years Resolutions... Do One Thing A Week Only Because You Want To

Do One Thing A Week Only Because You Want To

We give you permission — put yourself on the list. Get a manicure, take a walk, do something because you want to. 28 more words


Spending Saturday Night Alone

So here I am, sitting at home on a Saturday night. My friends are busy, my boyfriend is busy and I am stuck at home with my very ugly cast and crutches. 529 more words