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Midnight Goal Setting

It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m wide awake! I should have gone straight to sleep as I’m exhausted after spending a whole day being physically active. 810 more words

Health & Nutrition

Feeling The Itch To Stitch

Life goes in cycles. You go through a phase and then something else comes up and you latch onto that. Around and around you go, sometimes back to the things you once enjoyed or something new catches your eyes. 526 more words


Making Time for Yourself

Don’t you feel that there’s always so much to do that you end up missing on the important things in life? Doesn’t it ever feel that you’ve spent away all your time on things and suddenly realize that so many important years of your life have simply disappeared? 711 more words

Life Style


I’m back from my hiatus! There’s been so much going on. Some networking, going to meet up groups!

I found some wonderful woman empowerment groups on meetup! 77 more words

Summer Sewing

I don’t know what it is about summer (specifically July) that makes me want to sew (or craft in general), but I have been using this month to knock projects off my list, one by one. 372 more words


Mommy Needs A Break

Yes, I love my kids Lord knows I do!! But two straight months with the 24/7… yes I need some “me time”. I don’t need to go anywhere just a day to sleep in and not have to worry about cooking, changing diapers, arguing/beating a pre teen who hasn’t yet grasped that talking back is wrong!! 36 more words


Limited Edition Summer Mia Tempo Box

Mia Tempo is a newer beauty subscription box. Their name means “me time” in Italian! Their aim is to send you relaxation and serenity in a box.

Subscription Box