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Cards with a Conscience

Today marks the final day to mail your Christmas cards so that they’ll arrive in time for the big day. I’m pleased to say that I did my part to keep Canada Post in business this holiday season by mailing these environmentally and socially-conscience cards, available at  192 more words


Christmas Came Early This Year

Christmas came early this year. Actually, it came twice: in October, and again this week!

Around two months ago, the opportunity arose to speak at Mini We Days in Beijing and Dalian. 426 more words

पहिली त मन रमले नाही, दुसरी त तरी रमेल......

तिच्याशिवाय मी राहत नव्हतो, आणि तिला ही माझ्याशिवाय करमत नव्हते…

रोज संथ, निर्मळ डबक्यात सोबत घेऊन पोहणारी ती,

जेव्हा खळखळ पाण्यात एकट्यालाच सोडून गेली…

तेव्हा अकाली आलेली सुनामी अख्या गावाला ही आवरता आली नाही…

आणि म्हणे, पहिलीत मन रमले नाही, दुसरीत तरी रमेल…

जेव्हा जेव्हा रडयचो मी, मायेच्या पदराने स्वतःहून डोळे पुसायची ती ,

ही मात्र खिशाला अडकवलेल्या रुमालाने डोळे पुसायचे नुसतेच आदेश द्यायची…

Me To We

ME to WE

This company is amazing! This is definitely the type of work I would love to do!


Mother's Love

I am sure as the weather is cooling up, your heart will be warming up with love by every passing day. As usual for me Saturday is a day for me when I call up my ‘ 797 more words

Me To We

We Day 2014


Back in August, I was sitting at home, when my dad told me that someone from Free The Children might be contacting me soon. He was right, and just under a week later my cell phone rang. 771 more words

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