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Karaoke Maut Ala Anak kos

Kmaren malem itu termasuk malem paling seru di kosan. Kamar yg isinya 4 spesies perempuan ini tiba2 ‘meledak’. Bukan meledak karena serangan bom ataupun petasan, tapi meledak karena suara teriakan2 penghuni kos yang menyanyi dengan histeris. 491 more words

My Silly Life

Please Give A Follow

Hi guys! I’m on the third day of my juice cleanse, and I don’t feel as “rumbly” in the tummy as in the first two days. 110 more words


why does this blog exist?

In many ways, it seems stupid to post my most personal thoughts and feelings online for anyone to read. After all, someday a potential employer may stumble across this website and, upon reading what I have written, will probably find that I am wrong sometimes. 96 more words


The Simple Life..

My husband has recently made a significant career move which is for the short-term at least going to put our little family under a lot of pressure. 512 more words



I started speaking out

They started grunting

and got pissed off

Slashed their nails on my face


“Shush! You have voice no more.”




That Comfortable and Unique Mix

Just about every day I have internal arguments. It usually sounds something like,

“I gotta get this work done… “
“But there are so many games to be played… “ 471 more words

It's all just chaos...and it makes perfect sense.

I love those moments where suddenly you feel like you’re a fly on the wall, just watching the world around you. You’re a voyeur of life, just watching people and you see what an absolute fucking chaos and mess the world is and somehow it just all comes together and makes perfect sense in how little sense it all makes. 538 more words