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Life is a big mystery.Its a set of  unanswered  questions which hell lot of people have tried to answer ,Numerous books have been written on it and many have given big speeches.Last but not the least some modern arts also have been made to reflect on it.When you want something ,you don’t get it but when you get what you want then you don’t get what you need .When you get both you become unsure whether you really wanted it or need it .So you try to figure out where it all started and go back to where it started.And the journey becomes a self realization trip.But do anybody gets really enlightened by it.Save the saints and non-common people though.So what is that you and me actually want?


I’m thankful for so many things this week.

  • Got Microsoft Office for Mac from Glenn so I managed to save a lot of money! He gave me some other useful apps too.
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Promise Ring

4 years ago, I wanted to buy a white gold ring cause it was so IT thing that time.

It would also be a good memory of my bonus money. 150 more words


Why I Share Where I Do

So yesterday’s post was almost a Facebook status update. I took that picture, hit the share button on my phone, selected Facebook, and was typing the status update about my son using the word “plinth”, when my husband pointed out to me that I shouldn’t be climbing mindlessly into the passenger seat of his car… since my car was in the parking lot as well. 609 more words


The Aquarius

The Water Bearer – Well… me bearing a water bottle. 

I started reading about my star sign today. The following was listed as the “Key Characteristics” of an Aquarius: … 323 more words


Food & Fonts: Bill's @ Hoxton Square

Ooops – this post seems to have been lost somewhere in my drafts, but definitely deserves some love.

Back in May, Lucy & I were in Shoreditch after work and looking for a bite to eat. 311 more words


Vanilla Lace

I almost didn’t post this because of how horrific my contour looks. I’m 99 % sure that it didn’t look like this in real life, but hey hoo. 18 more words