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Tales From Robe Girl

So, I accidentally became famous.

It all started with me deciding to take a shower. Now, I rarely shower at night, but I thought on this one occasion, with all my homework done and an early morning, that I would take a shower at 10 o’clock at night. 788 more words


Outfit of the week!

I don’t care if you think I look pudgy, I think I look beautimous.

Your basic black The Beatles tee, navy blue skater skirt from River Island and a paid of tights. 15 more words

Restrict and restrict!

Yesterday I did pretty well! Especially considering that I got paid, and didn’t buy any binge foods!

I ended up eating a low fat chicken burrito, but I made up for it by walking pretty much clear across town. 89 more words

Never Say Never

So, the other day I talked about how I cannot imagine having the time to work and care for my children.

That night, I took my older two boys to their martial arts class. 526 more words

Life's Like That

Taking Care of Business

Loan Forgiveness

So I finally got around to looking into what to do with my student loans. My problem is that I have accrued debt (not a crazy amount compared to others, but enough to hurt) over the years through student loans for semesters where I haven’t finished/dropped out do to mental health issues. 356 more words


Bards of the Pacific: the Legacy of Katharine Luomala

Bards of the Pacific — the Legacy of Katharine Luomala

As the autumn season continues to wind down toward Samhain, it is a time to celebrate the legacy of the honored dead. 967 more words