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"me + richard armitage": what I own (part one)

Continued from here. Discussing ownership in the sense of “admissions.”

It also makes me queasy to write this because I usually talk in this way only with my besties. 2,028 more words

Richard Armitage

When You Fuck Up and Have To Fix It

Well, last semester I spent partying and sleeping. This semester I basically have to get straight A’s or Im fucked.

So, do all of you that fucked your shit up, here’s how to fix it: 12 more words


Broken Guitar String

we can give voice to the voice-less,
sew a broken soul, and tell
stories in the matter of minutes.

We’re missing a heart, but we… 36 more words


Who owns Richard Armitage's fan messages? (part three)

Continued from here.

Earlier today I told you about my ongoing internal dialogue. So in my final question about ownership, now we get to a piece of it on a question of “me + richard armitage” that I have forestalled public discussion of here for years. 1,236 more words

Richard Armitage

Day 25 - Highlights of a quiet home.....

It seems last Friday saw it all. Extreme highs and rock-bottom lows. It’s sometimes a wonder how in a day we see it all. The day started beautifully and it went along so good almost till the end. 387 more words

Family Life

Sasha's Sunday Race Recap

This past weekend I headed off to the balmy city of Montreal to participate in the McGill Team Challenge. I had never run in the Tomlinson Fieldhouse so I was pretty excited departing from Billy Bishop airport on Friday afternoon. 917 more words


The Vast Size and Scale of the Universe

Hello! The world may seem so large, but when you look at the size of the Earth compared to the Universe, it is actually very small. 160 more words