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The Art of Making Money

Here’s what I’m struggling with, and I’m sure just about everyone else is too:

$ Making money $

The problems with having a part-time minimum wage job are pretty much endless. 1,211 more words


Glitz at The Ritz

So a couple of days ago, I went to The Ritz for a fabulous lunch and although the importance of formal attire within their eateries is aimed more at men, I thought I would throw on a spectacular jacket fit for an equally spectacular venue.. 177 more words


tis i, a girl with three names

greetings, shalom, hello, and welcome to my blog. ¬†and yes i do use the oxford comma, and no i do not capitalize the personal “i.” 280 more words


I really need to get better at this!

Hello there bloggers and wonderers :) now I haven’t posted in a while, creativity has escaped me for a while now. But hopefully now that my dissertation is finished (yep that’s right the biggest monster of an essay has been slayed!) I will be more willing to dip into my creative mind and pull out some literary treats :) so watch this space because hopefully I will be filling it up ^_^ happy blogging people :)

Reclaim me

Nature attempts to reclaim me,
Roots strangling my ankles,
Every new step suffocated.

Its branches travelling upwards,
The puddles becoming seas,
I’ll drown if I can’t realise what I need to be free, 7 more words

A who's who of my blog!

Greetings to the world! Or at least to any readers giving this the time of day. Whoever you are, your attention is greatly appreciated and I hope you find this at least somewhat interesting. 235 more words