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Meal Planning Week: Dinner Swapping

To round out Meal Planning Week, I asked my buddy, Evie, to give us the 411 on the meal swapping plan she and some friends have cooked (ha!) up. 409 more words

Every Day Life

4/25/14 Caesar Salad Burgers

Caesar Salad Burgers is the recipe of the day! We have french fries and carrots with these burgers.

Caesar Salad Burgers


My food journal

How’s this week’s challenge going for everyone? I’ve noticed that when I updated the journal after each meal, I was less likely to binge later. Likewise, when I waited until the end of the day to log my meals, I realized that I gave into temptation a little too often (did I really need those two orders of sashimi?). 53 more words

Clean Eating

Lazy Girl Fitness -- We [Tr]eat You Right

About two months into my plan, and things are creeping along at a snail’s pace. I now weigh in at:


118 pounds. But considering I fell utterly off the gym wagon for two weeks and we just had Easter, I call it a win. 1,107 more words

Hey, Good Lookin'

The Dr Oz Three-Day Cleanse: Introduction

I didn’t have coffee this morning.

I can’t really wrap my head around that. But it’s true. I had one cup of green tea. All in the name of art. 420 more words


My grocery strategy..

Since we got married in 2010, I have had so many issues trying to figure out the best way to grocery shop and meal plan. 335 more words


Interesting Fact: I Couldn't Make my Hobby my Job

I dig cooking. Love it. Love researching recipes and turning, say, five different coq au vin recipes into one glorious dish all my own. I love grocery shopping, chopping, pureeing, plating, and even cleaning up afterwards. 588 more words