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The Gallon Baggie Method - my new & improved Food prep!

Since I decided 2 years ago that eating high protein – low carb was the best for me – I have been prepping my food ahead of time and storing it in a million Tupperware containers. 320 more words


Foods That Cook and Freeze Well

As the title states this blog is all about meal prep. I don’t really prep full meals, but mostly ingredients that take longer to cook. … 422 more words

July 20th--Day 4

Today marks Day 4 in my documenting my food :)

First and foremost sorry about the bites out of the food! I was on the go and super hungry and slightly didn’t remember to snap my photos :) hey I’m only human. 130 more words

Meal Prep Sundays: What you need to know

While most people think of Sundays as a day of total relaxation (as it should be) I consider it a day of preparation and clearing of the mind. 931 more words

Oh Just Killing it Over Here

This weekend has been pretty awesome.  Friday my parents were in town and we had a nice visit at a party across at the farm for one of J’s cousin’s.  460 more words

Shredded Chicken with Crack Sauce

Yup, you read the right: crack sauce. I am obsessed with making shredded chicken. Maybe because it means I can just put random crap in the crock pot and when I get home, dinner is ready. 818 more words

Snack Attack

I love snacks. I have all my life. I’d much rather mow on some Goldfish all day then eat real meals. In college my roommate and I would get excited when we found new hummus, chips, or snack foods. 536 more words

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