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Round 2 Day 25

Breakfast: meaty marinara sauce over steamed broccoli & cauliflower. So good and hearty. I prefer the chunky veggies as the base instead of spaghetti squash. Lunch: plantain chips and leftover chia pudding topped with frozen blueberries to  89 more words

Progress: 50+ pounds lost

Hours in the kitchen preparing meals, buckets of sweat from my workouts, minutes spent scrolling through Instagram fitness pages gathering inspiration, and way too many progress-pic selfies taken in the bathroom has all led to this opportunity to celebrate fifty three pounds lost. 83 more words

Ways To Get The Kids Excited About Healthy Eating

One of the biggest dilemmas most parents who have recently adopted a healthy lifestyle faces is how to get everyone else (kids especially) on board with healthy eating habits. 208 more words


Lift. Run. Bend.

I’m nearing the end of the lifting restriction and am headed to my surgeon for a follow up appointment tomorrow to find out when I get back on the grind. 357 more words

Preparation Is Key

Planning makes things easier. But sometimes the planning to plan is where things fall apart. You can buy the right foods, but then you’re tired after work and you cobble together dinner, forgetting the plan, leave no time to make lunch and continue to scramble for a week. 261 more words


On The Road!

Just a few reasons I am super excited today:

1. I am going home to see my family and friends I haven’t seen in forever! 583 more words

Long Run, Meal Prep and lots of food pics!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

Let’s see where we last left off…


My friend and I went to our Friday night of fun! 537 more words