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EAT: Time saver meals make me happy

Meal preparation. Theres a bit of an ‘art’ to it I believe. Great way to save time (in the long run) and ensure you eat healthy all week…. 596 more words

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Paleo: So what the hell can you eat?

The most common question I get after telling people I eat paleo foods which are grain, dairy and sugar free is a) so what’s left? and b) so what the hell can you eat? 192 more words


It's a Celebration! One-Week Meal Prep Promotion (40% savings)

In honor of the launching of The Crowned Jewel, H. Grey’s Kitchen is offering it’s first promotion for meal preparation. Our philosophy is that reasonable, healthy meals don’t have to be boring, super tedious, or flavorless. 447 more words

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Meal Prep Sundays

Sundays are easily my favorite day of the week. I love sleeping in, relaxing over a strong cup of coffee, lounging in pajamas for far too long and planning my week. 451 more words

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My Favorite Things: Easy Weekly Shopping/Cooking

The reality of a healthy and fit life is that diet is key.  You can run or do cardio all you want but if you don’t put the right foods in your body, it is nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight.  841 more words


MEAL PREP a major key for staying on track

It a new year and decided clean eating and getting in shape is your New Years resolution.  Meal prep is going to be very imporstant in reaching your goals.   97 more words

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Ode to Meal Prep, Part 1 - 'The List'

Ok. I already lied – I will not be singing or writing a poem about meal prep. I just like the word ‘ode’. But hopefully the next few posts allow you to sing about all the free time you’ll have in the week, and how good you’ll feel when you don’t have to eat out at lunch, or pick up take-out for supper! 855 more words