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Lunches and Dinners on a Time Budget

Instead of a video for lunches and dinners, I decided to spell it all out for convenience and printing purposes. Before we get into it the first thing that has to be addressed in regards to preparing meals for yourself is that it takes time and effort, and you are 100% absolutely worth that time and effort. 1,075 more words


DISHED: Meal Planning

Happy Tuesday! Meal Planning is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy. If you set aside a time to effectively research and plan out your meals, you leave zero room for error in healthy eating. 242 more words


Hi there and welcome to the first post on my blog, The Lazy Mum Guide! I can’t wait to share some of my tips on how to be a lazy mum. 269 more words

For the love of Fall...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And no I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about warm summer-like days and cool nights (although the summer-like days didn’t stick around long), the changing leaves, red fields and most importantly, turkey dinners! 439 more words


What's In My Cart This Week?

I had another expensive food shopping trip this weekend. This was largely in part to two factors: I went to a more expensive supermarket (Stop & Shop) and I had to buy ingredients for two recipes as well as for the week. 328 more words

Meal preparation is key - If you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail!

It is so important to prepare the majority of your meals for the week ahead.

The saying ‘If you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail’ is exactly right and personally, there have been plenty of instances where my nutrition and wellbeing has suffered during a busy work week due to lack of meal preparation. 361 more words


Easy Meal Prep

Meal prepping can be essential for people looking to lose weight and stay healthy throughout the week. You don’t necessarily have to prepare entire meals, but you can get the essentials taken care of and reduce cooking time down to under 30 minutes. 108 more words

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