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The Healthiest Holiday Plan

10 Rules to Follow during the Holidays

Winter is here and so are the holidays. Are you going to have another year of gaining unwanted weight? 2,561 more words


How to prepare lunches like a champ!

People ask me every day where I get my energy from. “Do you ever sit down?”  “What do you eat in the morning” and my favorite: “If you could bottle your energy up and sell it, you would be a millionaire.” I’m working on that one. 727 more words

Strength & Conditioning

Weekly Pinterest Meal Plan [November 9, 2014]

I recently shared my step-by-step guide for using Pinterest as a meal-planning tool, and this week I’m putting my own advice to work! I usually plan meals for Sunday-Saturday each week, since we do our grocery shopping on Sunday’s. 446 more words

Kitchen Know-How

Streamline Your Fitness: 5 Must-Have Kitchen Items

Whether you’re a weekend fitness warrior, a chinese princess like my co-worker, a die-hard crossfitter, or a loyal #Fitfam member – here’s my top five ‘fit-pliances’ (in no particular order) that I highly recommend to make your health and fitness journey as habitual as possible. 1,013 more words

The Struggle of Grocery Shopping

You often hear or read that if you only have healthy food in the house then that is what you will eat. I whole-hearted believe that to be true, but I also believe it’s hard. 286 more words


Lunches and Dinners on a Time Budget

Instead of a video for lunches and dinners, I decided to spell it all out for convenience and printing purposes. Before we get into it the first thing that has to be addressed in regards to preparing meals for yourself is that it takes time and effort, and you are 100% absolutely worth that time and effort. 1,075 more words


DISHED: Meal Planning

Happy Tuesday! Meal Planning is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy. If you set aside a time to effectively research and plan out your meals, you leave zero room for error in healthy eating. 242 more words