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Power Meals

By Lovely Highley

“Food plays a large role in our daily lives,” Davis said. She says although it sounds ridiculous, they bonded  in the beginning of their relationship over food. 156 more words

Meal Preparation

Money habits: it's all about meal preparation

April is Financial Literacy Month

Day 16, create a menu for the week. The saying, “time is money”, is so true. How many times have you come home from work only to be exhausted from the day then decide to head to a restaurant? 228 more words

Bahiyah Shabazz

Red Quinoa and Sautéed Root Veggies

I am always looking for the easy fix.

I cannot wait when I am hungry.

What can I make fast when I am hungry and have for a couple of meals? 276 more words

Health And Wellness

Dinner for less than $1

Who said vegetarians don’t eat? I always get the question, “Do you just eat salads?” Although salads are great, we eat a variety of food. Recently, I planned a meal as I often do and decided to share with each of you. 113 more words

Bahiyah Shabazz

i need a break from my (spring) break

I never thought I’d be that person who would say that, oh hell I KNOW I am that person. There was no meal prep LAST Sunday because I thought oh I’m on spring break, I’ll be able to stay accountable and make sure I eat.  265 more words

Freezer Pizza Dough

On Tuesday, I continued my freezer cooking journey.  Still sick, I enlisted Sweet Pea again.  This time, we did Freezer Pizza Dough.  I used the recipe Crystal shares on Money Saving Mom.   465 more words

EAT: Meal Preparation

Time constraints such as work, family and day-to-day errands can act as barriers affecting our ability to adequately prepare healthy meals. Planning can decrease the chance of you ‘cheating’ ‘binging’ or ‘relapsing’ (ie. 265 more words