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Meal Prep Display

I am writing this post because I wanted to show what a typical Sunday night meal prep looks like for me. It may seem like a lot of work, but it actually only takes about an hour and a half, and once I am done, I will have healthy food for over a week and a half! 150 more words


Strawberry Cheesecake Poptarts

Who doesn’t remember pop tarts as a child! They were fun easy treats that always sparked immediate excitement. But… like most childhood treats… they are extremely unhealthy and will not lead you to positive physical changes. 130 more words


Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging: Easy Tasty, Nutritious!

We’re heading into a season where everyone’s thoughts turn to food – tasty, traditional, tried and true recipes! Newfoundlanders are known for their hospitality – and much of that revolves around food – especially among the older generation! 794 more words


A Kink In The Plan...Already!

This was written yesterday and finished today with a photo:

Well, it the first day of my meal plan, as many of you may suspect, I have a kink in the plan from day 1! 525 more words

The Healthiest Holiday Plan

10 Rules to Follow during the Holidays

Winter is here and so are the holidays. Are you going to have another year of gaining unwanted weight? 2,561 more words

Mental Toughness

How to prepare lunches like a champ!

People ask me every day where I get my energy from. “Do you ever sit down?”  “What do you eat in the morning” and my favorite: “If you could bottle your energy up and sell it, you would be a millionaire.” I’m working on that one. 727 more words

Strength & Conditioning

Streamline Your Fitness: 5 Must-Have Kitchen Items

Whether you’re a weekend fitness warrior, a chinese princess like my co-worker, a die-hard crossfitter, or a loyal #Fitfam member – here’s my top five ‘fit-pliances’ (in no particular order) that I highly recommend to make your health and fitness journey as habitual as possible. 1,013 more words