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Fried Quinoa with Salmon and Baby Kailan

My Mama had a heart surgery last Friday — to remove a tumor from her heart. She’s still in hospital but she’s doing well. We’re all glad that she is. 177 more words


Paleo lamb neck Chinese broth

I’ve been trying to find more wallet friendly paleo dinners . It can get expensive being a family of 6 but also it can get so so boring eating the same style meals all the time. 278 more words


Greek Food...GOOD!

Greek Style Pork Chops

I found this awesome recipe in the latest Cooking Light and I knew I instantly wanted to make it!  Add in that pork chops were on sale this week and it was a no brainer.  493 more words


Best ways to Loose weight in 30 days.

How easy does it sound when someone tells you , that you can loose weight in 30 days! You actually can. I have done it and I feel the differences already. 562 more words

My Kids Want To Eat Dinner Seven Nights Out Of Every Week!

I know, it sounds crazy and I am here to tell you that it is! Parenting is no joke. These tiny little people demand three meals a day, every day, plus snacks and various drinks in between. 595 more words



I’ve always been a fan of pizza. When I was a kid my mom used to have so much work on Thursdays she didn’t have time to make home cooked meals that day. 349 more words

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Dijon Turkey Dinner

I followed this recipe from Food Network Magazine and it was absolutely delicious. The only edit I needed to make was to minimize the amount of peas or substitute them for a low-FODMAP veggie instead. 365 more words