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Snacks – the more, the better.

Two days before Australian Championships

Placing: 2nd in Australia.

When my children were born, I was fascinated with their eating behaviour. They ate every 2 to 3 hours without fail, around the clock. 915 more words


What's for dinner?

I have no clue! Sometimes it is easier to just say “Let’s go out”, rather than making food on your own, especially if you have spent the past 5 days preparing some strenuous meals. 266 more words



Here is an example of cooking a delicious simple and easy meal in just a few minutes.

Frozen salmon patties are a staple item in my food purchases. 178 more words

Download: Disney Frozen Meals Area Cards by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Months later and its nonetheless All Frozen, All the Time close to here. Not a day goes by with no me hearing this woman belt out her favourite tune. 42 more words

The Differences Between Breads

White Bread – White bread is made using refined flour, which means that the wheat has been striped of it’s germ and bran which in turn means it has lost all nutritional value. 296 more words


12 Foods Every Athletes Should Eat

Who do you think is going to last longer on the field: the guy who sucked down a bag of Cheetos 15 minutes before the game, or the athlete who had s… 1,002 more words

28 July Shutterfly Gallery Posted

The 28 July gallery is posted at Shutterfly.  It’s full of smiling faces.

With some strong storms blowing through last evening, we had to hang out in the dining hall for a while after the meal, which led to a variety of impromptu games, card tricks, Charades, and lots of fun with new friends.   27 more words