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nothing in particular

I like my own art. I like the finished work(s); I love the creative process.

While it’s true there are some/a lot of my poems I’d hesitate to show someone else, that’s because they’re really personal, or kinda goofy, or so surreal I’m not sure they really work. 687 more words


Another Night in Peace

With love from Los Feliz: Good Night L.A.


Los Angeles


Today is a weepy day, thinking of friends who have died and missing family members far away.  And thinking about Mom and Dad.  And listening to Christmas carols while wrapping gifts.


Day Two Hundred and Fifty: Late Bloomers

Just like you, my creative current got lost somewhere along the way. It didn’t flower when it was meant to, or perhaps, just not at the same time as seemingly everyone else. 66 more words



I thought I started preparing for Christmas early this year, but apparently it wasn’t early enough. My cards will not be home-decorated. I will not be making cute gift tags. 108 more words


Friday morning rant.....uffda!

Where do they think the money will come from to pay $15 per hour for minimum wage “starter” jobs?  The cost of products and services will increase.  378 more words