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30 Day Challenge Day 3

My First Love

Freshman year of high school.
Went with her for about a year.

It was there I learned I won’t end a relationship, I will be an asshole until they end it. 202 more words


ezra pound is a lot better when you are not 17.

though i liked him plenty when i was 17. in fact, as i recall, i named my bong after him. (why? because it looked really… 162 more words

A Grand Day Out...

I had this post almost ready to publish way back in June before I disappeared ‘off air’ for a while – so I thought I may as well carry on and publish it now. 226 more words


Long time passing...

Wow doesn’t time fly past without you realising.  As you will have probably surmised by my very long absence life has just been crazy around here and I have not had any free time whatsoever to even post a short update.  1,738 more words


Another Whirl with Basho

Each haiku or senryu begins with a phrase culled from Basho: The Complete Haiku.

~~ 1 ~~

upstream and downstream
the dismal washerwomen
beating clothes on stones…
179 more words


revived at the riverside

what better way to unwind, after a looong week at work, than to unfold your fracked frame on the wooden skeleton of the jetty…

and while the water laps at the sides, you soak up the sunshine (wow! 31 more words


A favorite poem, lived out

This is one of my very favorite poems. It’s from When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne (yes, the guy who wrote about Winnie-the-Pooh).  264 more words