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OMG, another super weird thing happening – Firefox and Safari are not working but IE is.  Crap, and all my bookmarks, etc. are in Firefox! 705 more words


I Hate Coming Up With Titles, Sometimes.

This is probably the most frighteningly honest blog post that I’m about to write…

Ha! What an opening, right? Pretty heavy portents, like the beginning of a melodrama co-authored by Gogol and… 1,167 more words


Morning Meanderings... The Results Are In

Good morning!  Any readathon hangovers out there?  I actually feel pretty good.I pooped out at hour 17 and a half.  I had started yesterday at 6 am, strong and about to conquer the world and then.. 276 more words

Morning Meanderings

Morning Meanderings... What's Up and What's New

Good morning!  :)  I have been looking forward to today all week-long!  This is my “Low Key Weekend” and lets just add some hashtags as I think they are fun:  #awesomehangingout  #deweyreadathon #dontwanttoanswermyphone. 474 more words

Morning Meanderings

Hey, White People Like Me: This Is More Than an "Inconvenience"

I keep thinking how I have got to get out of St. Louis, this backward place, this racists’ haven. How I can’t live in a city where cops kill unarmed kids and the majority of the city rolls their eyes at anyone who has anything to say about it. 305 more words

2 Pennies

hate sells...so, put away your wallet.

TTIP of the day: even if you think you know what’s going on, you don’t have a clue. TTIP is a perfect example. who knows about it – apart from the governments & corporations directly involved? 1,186 more words


Quotes for Writers

I love quotes, especially when they are uplifting and encouraging about the struggles in our life. Writing is as much a joy as it is a struggle.

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