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Morning Meanderings... A New Normal

Good Morning and happy Tuesday!

Another beautiful day is appearing here in Central Minnesota.  I love sitting at my table and looking out the window while I write in the mornings, catch up on emails, and prep for my day. 350 more words

Morning Meanderings

Maybe I'm a Bit Behind, But...

Life has been so busy, I’ve not posted much and I certainly haven’t written any fiction. Resumes, yes, but that’s not the same and different rules apply. 221 more words


What About Anti-Boredom Month?

The lightning lit up the house like a strobe. The thunder rattled the windows. The wind bent the treetops. The rain whooshed down in torrents.  The excitement was palpable while the thunderstorm was overhead. 793 more words

Cultural Highlights

The Epiphany of Epiphanies

I’m trying not to be mad at myself for not coming up with something to write in this blog every day. The endeavor is a good, wholesome challenge for my perfectionism. 860 more words

The Mundane

Grindfest, SDL, Code::Blocks, What?

My mind is swimming of what potentially is going on. It seems that there is some time in my life for some coding. Very limited, but enough to be able to put in an hour here, hour there. 252 more words


Reaction To Circumstances

While clearing some storm debris near the riverbank in my backyard last week, I encountered a bull snake.  Instinctively, I froze in place for a few moments.  1,062 more words



As the wheel continues to turn we find ourselves nearing that time of year that is referred to in our house as my youngest sons birthday! 407 more words