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TGIF + Minimum day = Bliss

I went back to the same school from yesterday, which is the “smart school” of the district, where students have to pass tests to be admitted into the school. 358 more words



Greetings FiNeSse Family!

Fall is officially here! I love this time of season..not to hot..not to cold. Love it! The school year is progressing nicely but this is the time that conflicts can begin to surface. 260 more words


Mal Intro part I

            I’ve tried to wrap my brain around ideas of how to introduce you to my two friends, Mali and Maddy. It’s been really hard, just nothing seemed to fit. 499 more words


Wednesdays are awesome

Last week our discussion on social media policy was one of the more important topics we have gone over in my opinion. I am beginning the process ( with the help of Celenia and Liz) to create a social media strategy/plan for an up-and-coming publication called… 249 more words

How To Deal With Mean Girls

So you are dealing with girls that think that the whole world revolves around them;unfortunately there will always a situation in which the Mean Girl in every woman arises. 366 more words


Mean Girls-The Untold Story

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a high school football game. I have not been to a game since…well I think I was in high school. 480 more words