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My School's Mean Girls

My School’s Mean Girls Are Probably Me And My Two “Friends”. You Wouldn’t Actually Call Them Friends Though They’re More Like High Acquaintances. Anyways I’m A Mixture Between Regina George And Karen Smith. 75 more words


My Flash Trash Mean Girls Range

If you haven’t already heard, this month marks the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls. It’s on the 30th April, which falls on a Wednesday, so obviously we all  90 more words

How to Exude More Confidence (Mean Girls Edition)

I’ve been starting to crawl into my own shell again because I hate everyone. I hate going to school because everyone’s stupid face makes me want to hide under my hoodie and go home early. 390 more words

Media. We are all know what it is. We all know of its pros and cons but just how much does it influence our everyday lives? 314 more words

I’m Aimee and I have been personally victimised by Regina George

Real World Mean Girls

Relationships are hard. Plain and simple. No matter if they are romantic or platonic , they both require work. Welcome to the latest installment of Bethany’s rant-tastic blog where the topic of the day is personal relationships with fellow females….aka real world Mean Girls. 679 more words

You Can't Sit With Us

This is my second mean girls-related post. You can read about the first one here. 4 from our block, including me, have this shirt. Which of the mean girls do you think I am? 78 more words