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Raison D'être

You can be puzzled like Hobbes by Calvin’s question. Hobbes’ answer sounds simple and clear based on the fact we are here since we were born. 343 more words


It all started here.  With Crabby Boy.

That’s what the Etsy seller called him: Crabby Boy.  I just had to have him.  I imagined the conversations he would inspire, and his sullen face fitting in just fine with the rest of my (sometimes crabby) family. 651 more words

Life and Meaning

Life and Meaning

I found this while I was searching for African web sites on business law. I was moved by the sentiment and I hope you will be too. 494 more words


“To see the world, things dangerous to come to. To see behind walls, draw closer, to see each other, and to feel. That is the meaning of life.”

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The fabric of our soul

We go through life searching and collecting experiences.

Each experience, like a silk thread, is then weaved together to form the fabric of who we one day become. 61 more words

Thoughts And Inspirations

What's the Point?

It is difficult to explain to some people who a purpose in life can meaningfully be derived from one’s experience and wellbeing. The people it is particularly difficult to argue this to are people who have already concluded the source of purpose to be a god. 218 more words


Coffeehouse Thoughts #12

This line of thought started while home at the Villa Zee Zaw Sunday with my dainty Wedgwood cup filled numerous times with my experimental toaster-oven “re-roasted” Japanese light Arabica blend through Cafe Moto on Monday with FTO – Nicaraguan Flur de Jinotega in my robust travel mug (Their lighter roasts on drip were Sumatra Ketiara {medium} and FT Organic Peru {light}) into this morning at Influx, Golden Hill and sipping at their Hammerhead “House” roast. 426 more words