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Life is a Series of Checked and Unchecked Boxes

Following on from my post the other day, I also realise how life is really just a series of checked and unchecked boxes, that is; isn’t that what most people get out of bed for in the morning – to work towards being able to check another box in life? 226 more words



in search of meaning
tongue tied and stuttering
I swear crossed
fingers signalling will never
mistake the forgotten


Living Wisely

I have kept a journal since my “first” retirement from  the public schools in California  in 1996 .   Since then, I begin my day by writing in my journal about events in my life and my thoughts and feelings about them—-and I highly recommend the practice.   559 more words

Pastoral Concerns

Teman terbaik manusia

Sering kita lihat dijalanan, binatang-binatang berkeliaran, salah satu adalah anjing. Anjing merupakan binatang yang banyak sekali dipelihara, karena berbagai macam jenisnya, dari yang kecil samapai yang besar. 110 more words

Meaning Of Life

April 23

Sometimes you have to cross the boundaries of Death in order to discover the meaning of Life.

Train Tracks, taken on iPhone 5S }

Quote: B.G. Bowers


To be a rational and morally driven actor? 1

The arguement is that a rational actor is more dependent on the environment than a morally driven actor. Or how many can paraphrase it irrationals are more independent than rationals. 631 more words


great big religion question

2 brain of monkey & Man enjoy many interesting conversation about many thing like politics & book & education & mathy stuff & culture & society & music & movie & etc etc etc. 278 more words