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The Birthday!

Capricorn  Dec 22 to Jan 19 Aquarius  Jan 20 to Feb 19 Pisces  Feb 20 to Mar 20 Aries  Mar 21 to Apr 19 Taurus  1,450 more words

The Problem Of Pleasure

Why do we experience pleasure? Many people have been driven mad by the problem of pain, but what about the problem of pleasure? What is it about men and women that allows us to experience bliss? 1,535 more words


happy pills

when I took the happy pill, my fever went down a little. when i light up this forgetful smoke, the gate to my jungle shut.

The meaning of my first tattoo

My great grandmaw, Mamaw is my rock. She is the most inspirational person I have in my life. She falls and gets back up, again and again. 74 more words

Dying With Dignity.

My neighbor passed away. I didn’t know her well; quite frankly, I didn’t know her at all. 

She was in the hospital and died the other morning. 191 more words

Nonpareils, My Grandmother & The Black Eyed Peas

I just had a spiritual experience while spring cleaning to the Black Eyed Peas.

I should emphasize that I don’t celebrate Easter. But yesterday on a whim I bought chocolate nonpareils, a candy that my grandmother favored, and put some on my house altar to honor her and a holiday that my ancestors observed. 80 more words



They say, ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Every song has been sung.
Every chord has been strummed.
Every color has been painted.
Every step has been danced. 505 more words