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宝物 "takaramono"


So today I had time to watch some anime because I had the motivation to finish homework early~ Haha so I finally caught up with Akatsuki no Yona (it’s getting boring huehue) but that’s not the main point- so after that I had some more spare time I decided to watch the last episode of Natsume Yuujinchou once again despite knowing I would cry (because I cried the first time I watched). 640 more words

Having an Impact with R' Zale Newman

Rabbi Zale Newman talks to a room of Advisors on ways to have an impact on the life of an NCSYer.


One-on-One Conversations

Rabbi Black discusses ways to ensure impacting one-on-one conversations between an Advisor and NCSYer.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The roller coaster of feelings that one goes through during this movie, makes it unfair to put in the same category as any other. 71 more words


Things that matter

Aside from crafting and doing projects mostly for fun or gifts, (rarely for sale, although I would like to change that), there is something else that is close to my heart. 454 more words

The Power to Choose

A long line at the grocery store. A driver who cuts you off. A doctor who keeps you waiting. A kid who pushes every button in the elevator. 47 more words

The Reason I Love My Halee Bug

If you don’t know our relationship then you wouldn’t understand how much she means to me as my child! 😘😘