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13 Simple Ways You Can Have More Meaningful Conversations

By John Hall

August 18, 2013

Too often, a conversation results in wasted time — and nothing productive to show for it. Whether you’ve run into someone at a conference or you have a scheduled call, you can use specific tactics to have a more meaningful conversation. 997 more words


Making A Meaningful Property: DIY Show Off by Decorationzy

Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful House Weblog Series is Roeshel of DIY Show Off. Welcome Roeshel…

Hi SAS Interiors pals! I’m Roeshel from DIYShowOff and honored to participate in Jenna’s Meaningful Property series. 23 more words

Political Quotes 1 to 25

  1. ‘There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know.
  2. 1,487 more words

Enchanting Abyss

And I feel beautiful,
And I want to let go,
I want to fall into an enchanting abyss and embrace the beauty of my soul.


The "How are you"

We receive I don’t know how many “how are you” every day. Yet, I don’t know if this “automatism” has got any meaning anymore. Maybe we should just raise two fingers instead of “how are you”? 177 more words

Scrublands by Antoine Bruy

Definitely check out this article. One of the most interesting things that I have read in a while, and very inspirational. It really made me think about what life would be like if we all got away from consumerism and our busy lifestyles.. 6 more words