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If nothing else it is slowing down time...

Time is such a funny thing.  inevitable, if you want it to pass quickly…it wil draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag…..  However, if you are savouring the last moments with family before packing up, or enjoying a fun day off work time will suddenly boost to turbo fast speed.  307 more words


''Time In'' a forgotten step for Rewarding Achievements

We live in a society giving a lot of value to productivity and achievement and although there is nothing wrong with that, it means it is a lot easier to exhaust ourselves in ‘’doing’’.

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Collective Astrology

3. #More Than You Know

It is quite easy and quite amusing to make judgments of the individuals around you. I must admit that this is type of behavior has been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember; yet, it is not the right way of life, is it? 52 more words

Face your fears... and scare up something amazing!

Ghosts, goblins, zombies… Along with Halloween come so many scary things. It’s the time of year we’re encouraged to face our fears and add a little extra excitement to our lives. 263 more words

My Lokai


Bought From:

Lokai – from their onlline store http://mylokai.com/


This bracelet is my favourite accessory at the moment. I saw a picture of this online and remember reading their description of what the black and white beads represent. 189 more words


Problems with Positive Thinking

*I had some issues posting this earlier. I’m sorry if you already saw this on your page. After I posted it, I couldn’t view the post, so I deleted it and tried again. 1,154 more words

A meaningful word for a meaningful person

SavaNah Alexis Orr ,
You’re my favorite girl friend that I have.
Which is different than being a best friend.
But you’re also my best friend , which is why I love you so much. 282 more words