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Things New Englanders say differently

I so got a kick out of this list posted by FACEBOOK via WCVB.com. You have to click to see it and believe it. Some of these statements I’ve never heard used. 15 more words


rigmarole; and some discussion

I had to double-check rigmarole‘s spelling since even though I have it correct in my vocabulary file I’ve probably always used this word verbally as rig-a-ma-role so the correct spelling surprised me and now I need to adjust my verbal use to the correct pronunciation. 852 more words

Welcome to Dreamland

I was taken back to a well known dreamscape last evening.  I’ve not visited this place in a very long time.  Upon waking I found myself trying to recall the original dream and the significance of this place. 1,775 more words


Dreams and Meanings

More Dreams and Meanings


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To dream of falling into fissures in the ground or over precipices, makes known to the dreamer that he will suffer injuries, that his life will be in peril, and his property threatened by destruction at the hands of incendiaries… 181 more words

Life And Living

Children on the Journey ~ Joshua, My First Born


I have had 4 children…I love them all, and each birth…each child, was extremely special…..I loved and welcomed each child into my Life with an open and Loving Heart ♥ Josh was my First born….there is something very special about your first born. 463 more words


Follow the White Rabbit...

So…I had a dream…as most of my dreams go it was rather unusual…the most unusual part was that I acutally remembered any part of the dream at all… and then for days afterward … up until today as a matter of fact…I have been noticing things…white things mostly…alllllll around me. 1,296 more words

Names and Titles

Okay, so before anybody tries to guess the meaning of my username, it means blue cat. Using Google Translate, I translated cat into German, and blue into Greek. 133 more words