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Messy Meanings...

I hate dreams. Especially good realistic ones because you’ll be literally living the dream and then when you wake up your snuggle buddy would be none other than reality. 575 more words


My Name Is A Pun

My Name Is A Pun.

“Christina”, my first name, can be read as “Christ-in-a”. Phonetically, that sounds like “Christ-in-her”.

Chanel, my middle name, can have two meanings. 67 more words


The Intelligent Discovery of Meanings, of Sorts.

So the other day, during a random net-surfing session, I ended up finding something useful and fun. It was basically a prompt that went like this: 418 more words


It Always Helps Me to Remember ♥

When I find myself in a situation where I am angry, upset or anxious ~ with someone or something ~ basically resisting the present moment ~ I find that it always helps me when I REMEMBER the following: 125 more words





It’s what it is. It’s about yea long. It’s about this wide
It’s really nothing, nothing at all. It’s really something
It’s a shame. 165 more words


magic is innate

It’s a little strange dreaming of the mansion that always has magic connected to it. It’s the same mansion with the feeling of air, of freedom and magic. 296 more words

Dream Diary

Amnesty for a Stolen Traffic Cone


mixed media and found objects

based on implicit and explicit means of everyday objects and signs which have become so mundane they are almost meaningless