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Names and Titles

Okay, so before anybody tries to guess the meaning of my username, it means blue cat. Using Google Translate, I translated cat into German, and blue into Greek. 93 more words


A question?

A question is a problem, and is normally followed by an answer, or a solution to that said problem. We as humans thrive for answers, a lust for decision, a personal need for something to be labelled. 226 more words


The Graduate Wife Dictionary: Vocabulary of Grad School


When stepping into the world of graduate school, how many of us knew the lingo used? We know we spent a good while asking our husbands, “What does that mean?” when they first started grad school. 575 more words

Professional Careers

Dreams and Their Meanings

More dreams and their meaning;

The Earth

Should a person dream of seeing a city, known to him, overwhelmed by an earthquake
or eruption, it is a sign of famine and war; but should he be unacquainted with the locality, 50 more words

Life And Living

What's In A Name?

When it comes to identity, names are important. They always have been. Ever imagined a society where names don’t exist? No wonder they’re the first info about yourself you exchange with another when it comes to social relations. 460 more words

Dreams and Meanings

Many people have dreams from time to time. But what are dreams really? Is it just the mind at work while we sleep or do they have meanings. 221 more words

Life And Living

Eat, Pray, Love Words

It was one of those nights where I couldn’t sleep. No matter how many valium I poured down my eager throat, sleep was determined to evade me. 269 more words