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Word of the day 14!

Today is all about piggy’s, many years ago it was still acceptable to eat the sweetbreads of pigs, like kidney, heart and liver. Sweetbread is a pretty word for what should be  10 more words



The students returned noisily from half term today, and at break I found myself in the middle of a large and amiable group of fifth year boys, who not having seen each other for ten days felt the need to catch up with each other’s gossip, gaming scores and new phones. 173 more words


Roy Henry Vickers (Tlakwagila Copperman) ~ Ksien ~ Juice From The clouds

<p><a href=” JUICE FROM THE CLOUDS – 720p</a> from <a href=” Henry Vickers</a> on <a href=”;.</p>


A Poem from William Barnes (The Dorset Poet)


Come, Fanny, come! put on thy white,

‘Tis Woodcom’ feäst, good now! to-night.

Come! think noo mwore, you silly maïd,

O’ chickèn drown’d, or ducks a-straÿ’d; 368 more words


What is "home"?

Sorry for the disappearance of several months… A lot has been going on. Due to my relationship with neighbours spiralling out of control ever downwards I was forced to think a lot about my situation living alone where I was, and ultimately took the step to move back to my parents’ for a bit while I save up some more money for the  368 more words

A Numbers Game

Do numbers hold special meanings to you? I found that at times when something significant was going on or when a certain messages would appear to me I would see numbers repeating themselves before my very eyes. 494 more words


sleep is [not always] the best meditation

It really sucks to miss someone that you don’t want to be missing.

For the most part, I’m pretty good at not dwelling too much on a person who is no longer a part of my life, for whatever reason – whether it is a distant friendship dissolved, a current relationship not having worked out, whichever be it. 528 more words