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Brighton Photo Biennial

Upon my visit to the Brighton Photo Biennial I couldn’t help notice that the work was very limited and I personally found it very dull. I found the galleries to be very limited and the Photographic work was not of very high standards. 199 more words

Brighton Photo Biennial

Random Thoughts re: Dictionaries

Dictionaries are always of interest because you learn so many things. For those who don’t regularly read dictionaries, you might be unaware of the fact that dictionaries can often be a source of amusement. 291 more words


A conversation in Shaftesbury

A really interesting talk about the decline of the Dorset dialect


Life is _______.

Fill in the. Lank with whatever you like. A definition, metaphor, allusion it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of different explanations of what life is and what we are supposed to do. 125 more words


Provoking thoughts and inspiration

At times, things appear out of the blue to remind you of something; to inspire or to provoke a thought. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has appeared twice in the space of a few weeks on my television screen, maybe a nudge to remind me that I’m on my Yellow Brick Road and need to carry on, despite any obstacles. 270 more words


Poems from David England

The Blandford Fly

She was bitten by the Blandford Fly, I don’t know why, they didn’t bite I,

On her legs and in her hair, 49 more words