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Think The English Language Is Easy? Think Again!

Sometimes we all think that the English language is easier than other languages out there.

After reading this, you’ll realize just how goofy the English can be? 112 more words


A Basket of Daisies

¬†The story of my mother’s pregnancy with me and my birth is, I believe, a fitting prelude to the rest of my life, and is both a source of happiness and pain. 900 more words


365 Project Day 169 Of 365

The Frog and Turtle on my leg. Symbols of Luck, Family and Prosperity.

Learning Tarot in 9 Posts: #1 Learning the Cards

I’d like to take the next 9 posts (Or, place them in between other posts) to help teach to you Tarot. Reading Tarot cards is much simpler than most think, but it is also a lot of work and study and practice. 1,056 more words

Define: Thrill Ride and Bitch

Thrill rides are fun right? I’ve been to seven places full of thrill rides and they are all a blast. Whenever you hear the words “Thrill Ride” you will obvious get the idea that a person is talking about all the rides in the amusement park. 195 more words

Amusement Parks


It’s been a long while since my last update. I would apologize for it, but it was meant to happen that way. Much has occurred since my last post and I sit here now looking back over the last year and a half of my blog posts. 543 more words


First-Time Reader's Interpretations of "The Colonel"?

A brief study was conducted among three people via text messaging.

Within the study, participants were asked to read “The Colonel” one time.

Participants were then asked to briefly explain their interpretation of the poem. 54 more words

Carolyn Forché