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Word of the Day 8!

When a Dorset resident gets very ill and can barely move they say “Granfer Whindlen”

Just to add a little interest here is a picture of Abbotsbury Church


Word of the Day 6 !

As the winter is coming here is a great word “Tinklebobs” which are icicles, as in “Tis a git blob of tinklebobs ont roof”


Happy Endings

Sometimes, well a lot of the times, I feel so scared of losing my purpose.

After reading a story, what exactly do we do by ourselves? 799 more words


The Minor Arcana: The Intellect of the Swords

Now that you’ve got the Major Arcana under your belt, it’s time for the Minor Arcana (sometimes referred to as ‘pips’). These are broken up into four suits – swords, cups, wands, and pentacles – and comprise most of the Tarot deck with 56 cards. 1,234 more words


Word of the Day 4

Today’s word is “Bumble” which has nothing to do with these little guys:-

“Bumble means Confusion” as in ” Tis bumbled “


Word of the Day 3

Todays word is great “Maggotty” which is not as you would think as per the picture

But it actually means “Fanciful”



The piss heads prerogative

Stooped, shadowed and secular

These regular consumers

Attending their temple; the chain boozer

They are all seated in worn chairs

Eroded by very particular patrons… 178 more words