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If a woman, not pregnant, dreams of giving birth to a child, it is a sign that she will consummate happily her undertakings; should the dreamer be a maiden, it signifies banquets, rejoicings, dances and nuptials, but sometimes the pains and perils of maternity. 123 more words

Life And Living

Elphaba, Girl Misunderstood!

I had the privilege to see “Wicked” last night at the Ed Mirvish Theather. Let me tell you, it was a long four month countdown but the day finally arrived, I was going back to see “Wicked”.   1,267 more words


Language and Meaning

“I saw you’re post on a job listings website and I thought to myself ‘I’d be very interested in working their.’ Its a passion of mine to work with respected, high level companies.” Imagine sending an email with the previous sentence to an editing company that you’re applying to. 549 more words

What is a good story?

Stories are told everywhere. They could be stories from words out of your mouth, or stories from a novel that is written. What makes stories good however? 277 more words

Is There Really a Wrong Way to Use Language?

Words and meanings- a phrase that seems pretty self-explanatory- teaches a lot about the English language. As redundant (re= back und= wave) as it seems for a class to teach things, it is true. 762 more words


What Mama Says

my mother says sometimes,

Let’s do it, even if it’s wrong.


Let’s don’t and say we did.

she learned these words from her mother… 37 more words

Poetic Words

QUIZ: Do You Know What These Famous Songs Are Really About?

What’s Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” really about?

Was Bryan Adams really singing about the Summer of 69 in his “Summer of 69″ song?

What were The Beastie Boys really fighting for? 58 more words