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The Minor Arcana: The Creativity of the Wands

The wands are one of my two favorite suits. They’re full of activity, adventure, and are representative of growth. These guys are all about movement – so it’s no surprise the element associated with them is fire.  898 more words


Meet Gina: Reiki Master and Interpreter of Crystals

Gina Crosheck decided to embark on her spiritual path shortly after both her husband and her sister died within the same week. In this interview, Gina explains the healing method of Reiki as well as how she developed her interest in the healing power of crystals.


Her, this word that explodes.

What really connects words and things?
Not much, decided my husband and proceeded to use language in the way that Homer says the gods do. All human words are known to the gods but have for them entirely other meanings alongside our meanings. 128 more words


Words of the day from 1 of our readers !

Andrew Plumridge describes some of his experiences in living in Dorset

I grew up in Dorset in the 1960s and 70s, when my parents had a weekend cottage on the edge of the Holt Forest. 261 more words


My Town

All my life I’ve lived in a town
Where stop means go
And up means down,

Where happy means sad
And black means white,
Where good means bad… 90 more words


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Word of the Day 10!

Today’s word is one we have all used “Me’s chird is a ight article” My Child is so naughty.


Has Holi lost its meaning in the spray of colours, fun and laughter?

People all around the world seem to have a misconception of the Holi festival.

Holi is a religious practise that is celebrated all around the world, it is the celebration of good triumph evil in this case, Holika who was believed to be a demon who caused chaos. 605 more words