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When the Sadness slices
So smoothly
Into the layers you possess,
                    The demons break out (Momentarily),
Escaping from themselves
To pure corrupt air,
Crying tears of red. 19 more words

My Creative Side


But sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. 125 more words


Wassailing Time, Irene Thomas 1992

On vrosty nights near Christmas,

We all went out t’ zing,

“While Shepherds watched” – “The Vust Noel,”

“Y’ere we’m cum wassailing”.

We huddled een the doorways, 132 more words


New meanings for old words - part 2

Aroma n The smell of Italian cooking like mama used to make back in Latium

Prosperity n All the good reasons why you should become rich and powerful… 73 more words


A White Deer, Maybe?

I was busy in the kitchen, curiously looked over my shoulder-for reasons unknown-saw this most majestic looking white deer outside the glass door. It was distinctly realistic, I had to glance back around in surprise, but was even more surprised for it was not there no longer? 105 more words


'ooohs' and 'arrrhs' Irene Thomas 1982

Whenever Volks talk of the country,
Especially the south and west
They d’ speak of the ‘ooohs and arrrhs’
And will tell ee tha’s what they like best. 163 more words