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Putin's Defense - Mearsheimer - Response, Note, Loose Reference

“The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West.” … 297 more words


How often do world leaders lie?

“Lying comes easy to leaders who think that they live in a Hobbesian world.” – John Mearsheimer

In his 2011 book, Why Leaders Lie, John Mearsheimer explores the question of lying as a tool for statecraft. 1,362 more words

International Relations

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

Sometimes the pursuit of non-security goals has hardly any effect on the balance of power, one way or the other. Human rights interventions usually fit this description, because they tend to be small-scale operations that cost little and do not detract from a great power’s prospects for survival.

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A Different Perspective on Ukraine

An article written by John Mearsheimer entitled “Getting Ukraine Wrong” recently ran in the New York Times Op-ed section in March, 2014. In this article he vehemently opposes the actions of the US towards Ukraine, and popular opinion on the subject. 276 more words

Liberal Institutionalism: non-cooperation in our modern world- Lucero Flores

For many years, since the end of the Cold War, the international community has been completely aware of the states that are classified in the group of major world leaders. 433 more words

The Need for Emerging Great Powers to Step Up in the International System---Alice Huntoon

The US News and World Report March 2014 article, “Where Have All the Great Powers Gone?” by Michael Schroeder and David Banks, comments on China’s, Brazil’s, and India’s response to the recent Russian intervention in Ukraine. 679 more words

Interdependence And Institutions

Change in the System or Competing Interests -- Evelyn Lumish

When the question is asked regarding whether great powers are finding it more difficult to cooperate, my immediate response is that perhaps the wrong question is being asked. 509 more words

International Organizations