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BCIT chickenpox outbreak leads to confusion on campus

Just a month after BCIT students were warned about a measles outbreak, the Burnaby campus has been exposed to yet another contagious illness.


Califorina Recent Measels Outbreak & The War On Truth

The main stream corporate media who, does NOT like this blog mentioning that they are ALL tied to the wallet of those companies PROFITING from vaccines and the medical carnage they are causing, recently started fear mongering over the recent measles outbreak in ocean county California. 373 more words


Media malpractice: Misleading is worse than lying

That misleading is far worse and more reprehensible than “white lies” is nicely argued by mathematician Paul Halmos (I Want to Be a Mathematician… 559 more words

Medical Practices

Why Jenny McCarthy (and other Idiot Celebrities) Should be Charged with Murder (or at Least Child Endangerment)

you’re familiar with the expression, “everyone’s an expert”. turns out that a whole lot of people who have a platform because they are entertainers or naked in public think they are experts too. 902 more words


of tweets and twits

Today would have been my Grandpa Shauf’s 100th birthday.  I only have one regret in my whole life, and that is when my Grandpa died, I skipped his funeral.   167 more words

God you vaccination nutjobs piss me off.. and I'm not even an antivaxxer..

Lately I’ve noticed a troubling trend of overcorrection. We do it in lots of ways. In driving, in overcompensating to a crying child who we now feel guilty about making cry.. 1,494 more words


Who's to blame for the NYC Measles outbreak?

Even as a passionate vaccination advocate, this article makes me cringe almost as much as any anti-vax propaganda the article aims to discredit. It’s not factual. 746 more words