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Experiment 2: Does Sleep Breed Ideas?

Are the number of ideas that we have a function of the number of hours that we slept the night before? If I want to have more ideas, should I sleep more? 221 more words


The Measurement is Right

(It helps if you listen to the Price is Right theme song while you read this. Listen to it here!)

After wrapping up the last one or two “Got Volume?” lab stations, we spent some time reviewing each station. 170 more words

Let's Be Like China!

Today’s NYTimes features an interview with Yong Zhao, a professor of education at the University of Oregon who immigrated from China and has written extensively contrasting the Chinese education system to ours. 538 more words

Ideas for Experiments

What makes a good self-experiment? There aren’t any hard and fast rules about what kinds of experiments one can try. However, given the size of the population is just one, you, there are probably a few rules of thumb that you can use: 532 more words


Measurements, 09/17/14

As per this morning, this is my current stat. Let’s make this a starting point.

Waist: 30″

Lower Ab: 35″

Hip: 34.5″


Got Volume?

If you remember, all matter has mass and volume. Mass measures the amount of matter (how many atoms) while volume measures the amount of space a substance takes up. 348 more words

The spectre of AVE

In homage to Measurement Week 2014 I issued a survey on the use of Advertising Value Equivalence (AVE) via Twitter asking whether the disputed metric is still prevalent in the PR and marketing industries. 161 more words