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A Postscript on Measuring Change Over Time in Freedom in the World

After publishing yesterday’s post on Freedom House’s latest Freedom in the World report (here), I thought some more about better ways to measure what I think Freedom House implies it’s measuring with its annual counts of country-level gains and declines. 1,121 more words


4 Ways to Better Measure Corporate Training Results

I think results come out in lots of different ways, and some of them you measure, and some of them you feel.

In the January issue of…

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This is the magic ingredient in Facebook's revenue growth

Every American and Canadian Facebook user contributed $9 to the company’s revenue in the fourth quarter last year, up from $6.03 the previous year. That’s a jump of 49% year on year, even though its user base in the region grew by just 3.5%. 378 more words

Tips on Running a Successful Conference: Measurement of Return of Investment ROI on a conference

In this blog we will follow on from the previous tip where we looked at setting Objectives for ROI to review the measurement of ROI objectives, incorporating different  levels of ROI Methodology used to measure ROI of an event. 791 more words


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ROI on events is notoriously difficult to measure. Here are some pointers on how you can set the KPIs which will determine whether your event has been successful or not.

The mean ? Which mean ? With interesting ratios.

Playing around with the Harmonic Mean of two numbers I stumbled on an interesting ratio, and looked at the others as well.

Here are the definitions, for numbers… 256 more words


Citizenship Tests as a Graduation Requirement

As readers of this blog know, I am solidly against the high stakes standardized test regimen that has been imposed on schools as a result of NCLB and RTTT. 567 more words

Childhood Poverty at "Obscene Levels"

Charles Blow’s NYTimes column today deals with childhood poverty, a topic that has been the subject of scores of posts on this blog. Drawing statistics and quotes from “Ending Child Poverty Now”, a recently released report from the Childhood Defense Fund, Blow calls on us to reduce the “obscene level of childhood  poverty”. 514 more words