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Of Nursing Outcomes Classification NOC Measurement of Health 5e

The health care profession has certainly grown throughout recent years from pharmacists to doctors and especially nurses wherein the demand in the United States has been steadily increasing. 273 more words


Few comments on measurement?

According to wordnetweb.princeton.edu the term “mental measurement” means

“a generic term used to cover any application of measurement techniques to the quantification of mental functions”

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Rebuilding the Relationship Between a Client and Supplier

The relationship between a client or customer and a supplier is a very delicate one despite being one of the most important bonds being formed in businesses. 454 more words


Creatively Expressing How Love Matters for Justice: Setting the Stage and Tuning the Instruments

Nussbaum (2013) argues about the political importance of connecting with our bodies without shame and disgust, and of the relevance musical and poetic public expressions of varieties of love offer to conceptions of justice. 497 more words


N is for Nano*

For the most part, “nano” means one billionth.

Take a meter, cut it up into one billion equal pieces, and each piece is a nanometer. 208 more words

Making a Difference

Something really interesting happened on Twitter on April 15th, 2014 at 7:00pm. It had nothing to do with bombs, airplanes or Miley Cyrus (although all those things did trend on April 15th). 1,276 more words


Structure in Threes: Building vs Planning

One of the problems systemic to the design and planning world is the often famous quote:  “Its done its just a small matter or implementation or programming or etc.”  All too often I’ve seen designers or planner consider the job done once the design is finished.  111 more words

Organizational Change