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Long Enough?

Who decides
How much time
Is long enough?
We do.

I can spend
Moments of time
Knowing the love
Of a lifetime.

The problem begins… 45 more words


More on the "News from Nowhere" Problem in Anticorruption Research

One of my all-time favorite academic papers — which should be required reading not only for those who work on anticorruption, but on any topic where people casually throw around statistics — is… 1,392 more words


Exact Metrology Installs New Ct Scanner

Will enable measurement to 2 microns, even on denser parts

Exact Metrology, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has acquired a new Metrology Grade GE Phoenix v|tome|x m, a CT scanner system with dual tube technology, nanofocus to 180Kv and microfocus to 240Kv, significantly expanding the company’s capability in 3D  scanning to 2 microns with sufficient power to measure denser parts.  454 more words


PAPER: Gas-Dispersed Particles for Surface Characterization, 表面分析のための微粒子の気中分散

Aerosol nanoparticle sensor system for probing a dip-coated layer of organic molecules, at sub-100 nm resolution (Masao Gen was a doctoral student: 2011/10-2014/6).気中分散微粒子を用いたSERS法によって、表面上の分子「パターン」に対して直接「検査」可能な技術

A surface coated with organic molecules has been probed by surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) technique after the deposition of particles (~50 nm) from the gas-phase at sub 100 nm resolution. 114 more words


Measurement Activities & Games for Kids | Education.com

Learning about measurement is difficult for many kids. Here are several DIY measurement activities you can do with your kids! Measurement Activities & Games for Kids | Education.com.