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How tall are those sunflowers?

I had to resort to getting a ladder and a helper to see how tall the sunflowers have gotten.  The tallest one now measures 10 ft 6 in.   34 more words

Vegetable Garden

Changing Gears in Mathematics

Todday’s NYTimes Magazine features an article by Elizabeth Green titled “Why Do Americans Stink At Math?”, an article well worth reading because it provides a good description of what it would take to make Americans perform at a higher level but an article that underemphasizes or overlooks some of the subtle reasons that contribute to our deficiencies. 634 more words

Introducing a "multidimensional privacy orientation scale"

Time for a shameless self-promotion. 

As one of our first research project in MixLab (founded in late 2012), we (Lemi Baruh & Zeynep Cemalcılar) had been working on developing a multidimensional privacy orientation scale. 28 more words


Why we should measure everything

Welcome to my blog on the value of everything. Before we can talk about value, let’s establish a baseline for why we care, and how we know, about value. 644 more words

Devonian?!! You Don't Look a Day Over Jurassic!

Time, both geologic and instantaneous, and distances, both vast and sub-atomic, are difficult to comprehend for most of us and even more difficult for teachers to help their students understand. 283 more words


Implement Evaluation Measures to Drive Systems Improvement

When a district implements evaluation measures a new and different perspective on systems improvement is formed within the district. It begins when a district identifies annual goals, and then cascades these goals through departments/schools through the identification of short cycle goals and progress monitoring measures. 322 more words

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Social media and B2B sales

Social media offers considerable sales opportunities for brands, but it is not just consumer products that are reaping the benefits of the platform.

An estimated £3.1 billion will be spent on social media this year, up from just $716 million in 2013. 14 more words