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An Arpent, a Toise, a Perche, a League… Understanding Old French Measurements

When looking through old French records, you will frequently come across old measurements that are rather mysterious nowadays. These measurements are found in records originating in France, Quebec and Louisiana. 98 more words

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Measure Up

If your kitchen drawers are anything like ours, you never have the right measuring implement for the recipe you’re tackling. Keep this chart on hand, and the next time you find yourself asking “How many…” you’ll know just what to do.


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This is a great addition to any kitchen and looks sexy too! I currently use conversion charts on the internet to convert measurements for recipes like cups to tablespoons when I am either increasing or decreasing the serving amount. I will definitely be investing in this chart. Check it out:

It it almost done

As I have been putting together my last papers for College I have been reminded time and time again that life is to short to not take a minute and reflect on how far I have come in my life.   296 more words

Will your company be customer experience driven?

There is no denying that companies are embracing the whole “customer experience” phenomena. This year even more companies will adopt approaches to transform their business. The trend will only continue to accelerate. 114 more words

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Lets call it day one :)

As I started my day, picking Ada up out of her cot at 7.30am to bring her back to my bed for a cuddle and a feed, I told myself that today was the day my mindset changes. 346 more words


The trailer is here!

We’re just getting back from a wedding in New Orleans (it was awesome seeing our friends from college!), and our trailer from Tiny Home Builders… 399 more words



There is a term in statistics to describe things that happen more often than others, this term is called a Norm Distribution. We can measure what is normal by collecting measurements from different events. 1,010 more words