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My "Meat Free Monday" Meal

It was a late Saturday afternoon, around 4:00. My mother was sick that day so I knew I was on my own when the time for dinner came. 469 more words

Quick and easy family dinners: Lentil's king!

How often do you find yourself getting stuck in a midweek dinner rut? After a long day at work and school dinner has got to be tasty, quick and easy! 463 more words


5 Reasons it is Hard Being a Veggie

  • 1. People ask you whether you eat fish. My reply is usually a tongue in cheek “if it’s got a face I don’t eat it” but I will let the vegetarian society give you a more definitive response.
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Super Smooth Smoothies

This afternoon, I went round to visit my neighbours up the street, to thank them for my b.day card (a tad belatedly, but as the saying goes…) and after inquiring after their new grandson, the topic of conversation largely centred around diet, nutrition, vegetarian & vegan foods, natural methods to improve (decrease) eczema, cholesterol levels and diabetes, affordable snacks and proper meals, eating ‘sensibly’ for infants and children (by avoiding the crisps & soft drinks) and how their taste buds change to negatively affect their choices and the  impact it has on their future healthcare needs. 664 more words

Meat Free Monday Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

So another vegetable that is really coming into its own at this time of year, but that is often overlooked is the humble cauliflower.

Cauliflower isn’t seen as being that versatile but it is a very beneficial addition to your diet, and one of those seasonal, local products that won’t break your budget. 439 more words

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