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Meat Puppets: Part Eleven

The rain is falling again. There are those who wish it rained everyday like in the floods from the Bible. They say the rain can speed up the decay of the Meat Puppets. 726 more words


Catch The Meat Puppets Live In Concert Tonight

The Mavs take on Sacramento Kings this evening at the A.A.C.

Get more details by clicking on the link here.

We heard one of these guys’ songs the other day and was thinking about how cool it was and how you hardly ever hear it anymore. 111 more words


Meat Puppets Part Ten

Two weeks without a ‘Lady Killer’ spotting. Hopefully he’s wondered off somewhere else, hunting down some lone ‘Bones’ who aren’t paying much attention. I only regret not telling him to leave Danny and Goldie alone if he finds them. 1,074 more words


pharoah sanders. the creator. meat puppets. god.

well, whaddya think? does he? or she? but before we get to the master plan part let’s check out the “creator” part, i mean what are the odds of that? 926 more words

Coming Soon to a computer near you...

Hello all you rock-n-roll fans! First I apologize for neglecting to send all my readers new stories. Since I write for the good old rock-n-rollers; I’m sure you’ll understand when I say – shit happens simultaneously at the absolute wrong time. 390 more words

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