Meal Plan Monday: A Low-Key Meal Plan Week with a Recipe Do-Over

After the oh-so-epic-fail of last week’s meal plan, I’ve tried to find a way to get back on track.  I’m being kind to Josh who is slow-cooker-ed-out.   264 more words

Meal Plan Monday

081 Planet of Evil

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one despite its rather lurid title, which suggests the type of film that stars Robert Graves (in his pre- 1,086 more words

Classic Doctor Who

You Never Forget Your First Draft

Last week I grandly proclaimed that I was aiming to have my novel finished by the end of the year. Now, eight days later – about 5% of the way through the remainder of the year – how am I doing? 258 more words

Memories Of A Murder

There Ain't No Coupe De Ville...

Phil always got the best prizes in his Cracker Jack boxes.

(That car he’s leaning on, I believe, is his beloved 80′s Lotus.)

PLUS: yes, I did quote Meatloaf for the title of this post.

3 Famous Actors in Music Videos (Part 3)

Here we are again with a third addition of my hunt for the greatest music videos, featuring well known actors. The great thing about researching this is that I am discovering so many great songs. 815 more words


Assignment #2: Put Down the Meatloaf... I Mean Phone.

Welcome to the second installment of the beginning of the next of the rest of your life!

or if you prefer

Eh Meh why not, it probably wont cause any serious long term damage. 576 more words


Grandma's Meatloaf Amped Up

Grandma Vivien’s meatloaf was the first meatloaf I had, and will always be the best. Smelling it in the oven brings me right back to her little Santa Barbara condo. 152 more words

Main Dish