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July General Marketwatch Update

Happy July Space Freaks!

I hope everyone is starting to enjoy their summers out there in collector land.  As usual we’ve seen a big uptick in auctions and the summer boom is in full swing on eBay, RebelScum and the Imperial Gunnery.   1,365 more words

General Items Sales For The Month

Day 75

Another Meccano device – this one is based on the charka wheel used predominantly in India and is similar to the type the Gandhi made famous as part of his peaceful resistance. 313 more words

Day 74

I had planned to show you some video of one of my yarn spinning devices but it’s not ready yet so tomorrow. I haven’t been doing much yarn spinning lately – too many knitted things to make, as much as no overwhelming desire – but the spinners of Ravelry are invited to participate in ‘Tour de Fleece’ each year which happens at the same time as the Tour de France. 691 more words

All done for another year

So there we are for another year – the Meccanomen and (women) of Skegex have packed up their tents  and stolen away into the night …  It really is a mammoth operation to put on a show that size but despite concerns about organisation and budget this year, it all went very well indeed, with record turnouts from what we hear. 182 more words


Skegness here we come!

So it is that time of year again when modellers are frantically putting the finishing touches

to their models and displays in the hope that they will perform as expected after the long haul up (across or down) to Skegness. 281 more words


BalanceBot One Lives!

What a difference new wheels make. Big wheels!

I spent ages trying to figure out why he flops around sometimes, then lowered power (Kp) to see if it helped – seems like if I keep Kp lower than 16 it doesn’t freak out. 47 more words

The Implications of Minecraft

The Spiritual Implications that Minecraft brings to the Table.

This morning I stumbled across the above blog post and the video it contained (well worth the watch) and wanted to share it as I whole heartedly agree. 311 more words