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A cannonball is fired horizontally.

A cannonball is fired horizontally at 10 m/s from a cliff. Its speed one second after being fired is about
A. 10m/s
B. 12m/s
C. 14m/s… 9 more words


Pulley Challenge!

A block of mass and two blocks of mass are connected to a pulley as shown. While the system is static, the lower block of mass is flicked up with a velocity . 173 more words


To Use You Well

Dear Machine,

How are you these days? I hardly recognize you behind all the new parts you have. You seem to have made it far in this new world we live in. 441 more words


Projectile Strikes a Wall

A particle is thrown horizontally from a tower of height . After some time, it hits a wall and falls on the ground with an angle with the horizontal. 159 more words


What is it a museum of?

As I chat with people about the general idea, the first question I get in response is usually what is it a museum of? Given that, it’s useful for me to write down the answer, roughly anyway. 701 more words

the representative point and the singular point

Let us draw the representative point in black and the singular point in white (Fig. 8). We can then characterize stable equilibrium in the following way: If for a sufficiently small initial displacement of the black point, it remains near the white point, then the white point represents a stable state of equilibrium.

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A Random Gallery

Currently, I have a severe knocking problem and this problem has persisted for about 2 months now, but as no one including the mechanics, people at showroom, market mechanics don’t know what efi is, I am not able to get a solution. 77 more words

Random Gallery