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Slow progress.

She has her wheels on now, but some engine parts are still being worked on. The back fender has some custom fitting to be completed yet also.


Treads: A Change of Footwear

This next article, if you couldn’t tell from the title, is all about those most famous of footwear, Power Treads. More than just a fashion statement, Treads are hands-down one of the most versatile choices for your feet, owing to their ability to reshuffle the attribute bonus they provide. 1,765 more words

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Occupancy Sovereignty Outline

One more quick one tonight, just to make sure I get it done.

With my latest post over on TMC, I really ought to get all the details I’ve been throwing around my head and occasionally at other people down on paper. 1,369 more words


Usefulness: Tools vs. Kids

“I spent a lot of money on this.  I had it replaced twice.  Every time I go to use this tool, it falls apart.  It’s worthless.” 721 more words

Personal Banned List

When it comes to V:TES tournaments, I have a banned list that I apply to my decks.


Because it amuses me.  Really, a game that isn’t amusing isn’t worth playing. 1,602 more words



This is my design  of a vex transmission system.

In VEX, you need to move fast to complete objectives as well as playing defensive.  In some cases VEX can become a pushing match.   109 more words