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Thoughts on Coded (2008) and Re:Coded (2011)

I’m not a huge fan of Let’s Plays or watching gameplay footage as a substitute for actually interacting with a game. To me, that’s like watching a trailer and reading a review of a film and saying ‘Well, now I’ve basically had the experience of seeing Schindler’s List’–or to be more accurate, it’s like watching Lord of the Rings or The Shining and saying ‘Well, now I’ve pretty much read Tolkein or King’. 838 more words


Falkirk Wheel in Black & White

note 1: posted this one before – http://pnco.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/falkirk-wheel-from-above/ – and as i saw this one, i thought it would be fun to redo this one in B&W… 27 more words


A Tofu Tail Game Mechanics Deep Dive – A New Friend

There is a huge world of creatures, spirits, demons, and god-like kami sprinkled throughout Japanese folklore and history – many of which we see in various places throughout the games that we play. 850 more words

A Tofu Tail

Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts II (2005)

The minimum of 5 hours with each game almost isn’t enough to get you to the actual game in this case. While the first game had a quickly-paced tutorial in a mysterious, dark, dream-like place, KH2’s tutorial takes place in a sort of prequel episode. 1,039 more words


WE ARE OPEN, Just keeping warm... Brrrrrrr! #enfield #mechanics #mot #winterservice

If you drive past and the shutter is down and doors shut. Dont worry, we are still open. We are just keeping warm as it is pretty cold out.