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Car Savvy? We NEED You!

Calling all Auto Body, Audio, Tint and Automotive Repair Shops!!!!

We are looking for top shops across the country to become Authorized OTTO NAVI Certified Installers. 41 more words


When they came to fix our boiler...

I walked into my apartment this afternoon to find four men crowded around the boiler (a tank in the cupboard to heat up our hot water) shouting abuses at each other while arguing about the best possible way of fixing it; (seeing as after several terrifying bangs and some wisps of smoke coming from it, my housemates and I very definitely knew that it needed fixing). 308 more words

Miscellaneous Writings

Stop adding rogue-like elements to every game you make

One trend I’ve noticed in indie game development is adding rogue-like elements to their games, no matter how much they fit in or not. I find that oftentimes, these actually take away from the game instead of make it better. 999 more words

Video Games

PennDOT Looking for More Mechanics

ASHLEY — As winter approaches, snowplow and salt truck drivers at PennDOT are concerned about their vehicles.

The department is looking for certified diesel mechanics, and can’t find enough of them. 317 more words


Why do Survival games work?

It seems counterintuitive that the simulated experience of being stripped away from civilization would make for an experience that people would seek out. The feeling of being alone in a hostile world is not entertaining or “fun” in the traditional sense of the word. 728 more words



This post is going to be a little mechanical, but It explains the key reason as to why I think Urunea is really quite unique and a bit different from most RPGs. 820 more words


Realistic HUDs don't work.

SUMMARY: Games remove a lot of the pre-planning done and knowledge about who will go where that is done before  committing to combat in real life, so things like a HUD and a way to indicate where friendly players are located are needed to help the player along and ensure the game platys smoothly. 858 more words

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