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Beautiful video from enthusiast and workshop owner John Benton from Benton Performance… Enjoy.


The Great Description Debate

It seems like there are some posts that come up a dozen times a month on the writing boards: prologues, description, writing rules, the best POV to write in. 788 more words

Writing World

Red wine, Tom Waits and a 3D-printer

I recently acquired a 3D printer. This was a day I had been looking forward to for quite a while. In a way I guess I kinda needed one. 782 more words


The Countdown Continues

40 Days To Go!!

It is Easter Sunday so we have family commitments and the weather is doing the usual turn for the worse but I still feel I need to be on my bike or on the tandem with Boo. 144 more words


Situational stats

Characters can have situational stats attributed to them. These are not inherently part of the character like traits are. Rather, they vary from situation to situation. 38 more words


Core Mechanic

Most situations that call for a dice roll in Amoeba are resolved via the core mechanic. The core mechanic has two axes: the success/failure axis, and the bonus/penalty axis. 387 more words