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Vehicle Profiles: Hoss (part 1)


I am somewhat of a gear head. This particular affliction manifests itself in several ways. One is in the number of vehicles I have owned. 1,235 more words


L5R 4e Material

There’s a thread in the products forum of AEG’s forums about the future of the L5R RPG.  Having a blog is a reason to post here, instead. 1,176 more words


Analysis: Five Nights at Freddy's

In many ways, Five Nights at Freddy’s was designed to capture people’s attention. It’s easy to dismiss the game as a glorified screamer video meant to cater to Let’s Plays with facecams and exaggerated reactions, but the title’s appeal runs far deeper.   610 more words

Video Games

Basic Baseball Throwing Mechanics

How to hold and throw a baseball correctly.
by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

Happy Halloween!

I am so happy to finally see Friday!! & pretty excited that it’s Halloween. We have all had our fair share of being sick this week!!  214 more words


The Sacred Ministry of Cleaning Out the Porta-Potties

Well you have heard it I am sure. I have personally heard it dozens of times usually in testimonials and from Christians who are in some type of vocational ministry.   752 more words


More maths in the playground

My daughter is now a little over two, and as such I spend quite a lot of time at children’s play parks and the amount of maths you can find there is incredible. 446 more words