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The mechanical workshop

The mechanical workshop – Museum of Communism, Prague, Czech Republic


I have done a new blog, here i like to share simple drawings: http://offarts.wordpress.com

Black And White

Walking on Air

We were born to the idea that heels are not a pair of sneakers or slippers and never will be. Despite the pain, we crave them and wear them. 112 more words


On the Chain, Gang

About three years ago I converted my old Specialized Hard Rock Sport to a sort of “town bike.” I was not using it for its intended off-road purposes, and the shock absorbers in the forks drove me crazy going uphill because they absorbed so much energy that should have gone to the cranks. 712 more words


From Greece to the UK.

There’s no limit to what a determined Porsche-o-phile will do to get the car of his dreams !
What a brilliant adventure. Pay special attention to some Weber overhauling at 10:54… in the middle of the Swiss alps.


Statistical Mechanics - Interpreting the Gibbs Entropy

To a great extent, I’ve treated the Gibbs entropy as the means to an end. Maximising it gave us a set of state occupation probabilities with which we could say what the system did on average; that is, on a macroscopic level. 1,846 more words

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Five Thankless Boyfriend Jobs

We all love our girlfriends, but sometimes it feels that being a boyfriend can be a full-time job. We enter based on an interview process (dating), get promoted (boyfriend status), and eventually sign a long term contract. 604 more words