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ATOW Sixth Session

For those more interested in stitches than tabletop: I’m working on it! It’s often easier to run an ATOW session than find space and time to stitch. 833 more words


How to aim and where to aim

So, how should you be aiming in MWO?

First, it is imperative that you watch this video by Koreanese, one of the best players in the game. 663 more words


How to move with your puggers

Here is the best way to move about with your puggers.

1) Stick with a buddy.

A mech by itself will quickly die. Do yourself and your teammates a favour by not doing kamikaze runs (unless you are intentionally being a diversion so your other buddies can do something at the same time). 100 more words


How to interact with your fellow puggers

Here’s how to interact with your fellow puggers, so that they will listen and so that you can bring out the best in your teammates: 167 more words


Assault Mechs

Q) What is an assault mech?

An assault mech weighs between 80 to 100 tons and is like a walking tank. Most players will max out their armour on their head, torsos and arms upon buying the mech, like any other mech size – the rest of them haven’t quite figured out how to play MWO yet. 317 more words


ATOW Fifth Session

This was a pretty brief session, since we didn’t have tons of time. A few things were accomplished:

Davrik, taking a risk but wanting to be (somewhat) open with Exetea about his “hidden Loremaster” history after she expressed interest in learning more, handwrote some passages from the forbidden Remembrance and delivered them to her in the morning. 503 more words


ATOW Fourth Session

We’ve seen this game go from war drama to political play to buddy cop movie and now to special investigations procedural over the course of four sessions. 995 more words