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Brooks Newmark's humiliating failure is not the real scandal

There are some enduring debates that will probably never be resolved. Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK? Are single-sex schools more effective than mixed ones? Should scones be pronounced sCOnes or scONs? 935 more words

Party Politics

Inside the bubble

“Those people who get parachuted in, they’ve never had a life!” Good, angry piece by the Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr on how party politics is in danger of becoming a game for a select few. 118 more words

UK Politics

Racial Stereotypes in Media

I saw this image and suddenly the racial stereotype in USA media comes up in my mind. Media and advertising play an important role in ours everyday lives. 291 more words


A small publisher makes a big bet on native advertising

Many print publishers approach digital innovation in increments, preferring smaller, transitional experiments over big-bang transformations. The Daily Tea doesn’t fit that mold.

The Daily Tea… 835 more words

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