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Raising Media Aware & Current Events Savvy Kids: 21 Resources

We want to raise kids to be informed and active citizens without subjecting them to an information overload or current events-related despair. Here some activities and resources to make that easier. 1,267 more words


#GazaUnderAttack - using Whatsapp to begin a social media campaign

As you’re on the internet reading this, I’m assuming that you’re aware of the events unfolding in Gaza and Israel. Social media has become part of the campaign on both sides to raise awareness for what is happening. 156 more words


Recognition: the most important thing to give Carers

To ‘celebrate’ Carers’ Week, my local authority wants to know the MOST IMPORTANT thing that might make my life better as a carer. One?  Believe me, there are too many   1,205 more words


UKIP and Carers - the 10%

So 1 in 10 Brits voted UKIP last week?  Seems like the media can’t stop drivelling on about it. And people can’t stop drivelling about the media coverage. 230 more words

Carers: was that a Bank HOLIDAY?

Was this a ‘holiday weekend’ for you the family carer, or was it just another couple of  long days like all the others in the year? 359 more words