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Discerning Media Bias

The grand jury found no probable cause to indict Officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Michael Brown on August 9 this year. Many claim that bias against black victims contributed to the decision announced late on Monday, November 24. 423 more words

Ferguson Grand Jury Transcripts Reveal Scope Of Witness Fabrications and Inconsistencies - In Real America We Call Them "Lies"...

The insufferable Pretorian guard legacy media are slowly beginning to accept that the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” narrative was a complete and utter fraud.  1,048 more words

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If there are no consequences (its bad for self esteem) then why would anyone change their behavior? I know someone that knows his kids lie to him but its OK if they can come up with a good story (lie).

Full Darren Wilson Interview - Also Interview With His Lawyers...

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The first comment I have is that if you have not been in a situation like this (which only a cop or a grunt would understand) then to be honest your opinion doesn't matter. Having been is situations (Military) like this I can personalty say I see nothing wrong with what DB did or said in his interview. It would have been better if he had not done this especially with GS but I'd say he did better than expected. The basic facts are the MB is a really large man with an attitude who has gotten a way with being a thug. He committed a felony robing a store and assaulting the store keeper, then violated a city ordnance walking in the street, then showed poor judgment by not doing as DW asked him to do, then he committed another felony by assaulting DW, then committed another offense fleeing the sense of a crime, then showed more bad judgement in turning and coming hack to apparently assault DW again, then he did two really stupid things by twice disobeying a command to get down on the ground, and finally the worst mistake apparently trying to tackle DW. The only amazing things here are how did he even get to be 18 and what the hell were his parents teaching him!

The Resurrection of the Mind Benders - A Guest Post by Anthony Masters (Part 1)

I am delighted to introduce Anthony Masters as Project Soapbox’s first ever guest blogger!

Anthony describes himself as a marketing analyst with a Mathematics PhD, and as a passionate believer in liberty.

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Ed Miliband

BUSTED *update* Video Added: Fake Mike Brown Family Autopsy Pathologist Shawn Parcells To Be Exposed Tonight On CNN...

Anderson Cooper is previewing his intention to reveal the fraud behind one of the Brown Family “pathologists” who conducted their “private autopsy”. The segment, scheduled to broadcast… 1,525 more words

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If you are a progressive with a cause you can not let any facts get in your way!

Mike Brown Shooting - Fact VS Fiction

The following article is in the New York Post.  It merely scratches the surface on the factual inaccuracies around the Mike Brown shooting, but it’s worth a read: 339 more words

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Left out a lot but got the last part mostly right! MB is dead because of a long string if bad decisions on his part ; any one of which if he had not done would mean he would be alive today.

Race war brewin'? If it occurs there will be a news slant and bias

Colin Flaherty started covering black on white street violence and flash mob, knock out game stuff more than a year ago.  He was struck by the refusal of the MSM to cover.   495 more words


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More information that you will get nowhere else!