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Officer Darren Wilson Version of Mike Brown Shooting...

The strategic and authorized retreat goes from a slow backing away to a fast trot.

All of the “leaks” are federally approved releases. Just like the New York Times federal story leak (release) a few days ago, this local leak is carefully timed to release the internal community pressure. 1,064 more words

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Since all the evidence seems to clear Wilson that leave the Ferguson community little to be angry about especially since Holder seems to agree with this.

@VRWCRadio at 8pm 10-21-14 edition - #Obama causes crowd to leave - @QuintonReport covers, Democrats play the race card ahead of elections, and much more

The gang is all here at 8pm to discuss a jam-packed weekend of news
– Obama attended an Anthony Brown fundraiser here in Maryland (h/t QuintonReport). 67 more words


Unreal! This befuddled journo is SHOCKED anyone fled Obama speech early; Forgets she has ONE JOB

Fan girl, journo … same difference, apparently.

Attention @TwitchyTeam, Politico's @jeneps adoration of Obama just started a storm. @michellemalkin

— Gwilym McGrew (@GwilymMcGrew) October 19, 2014…

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Daily Express Editor Just Telling Lies

It isn’t only that Ben Borland is a shite journalist and editor; he just lacks anything that even approaches integrity. When it comes to getting ‘the scoop’ (if that’s what you call anything you read in the Daily Express) he’s prepared to tell bare-faced lies. 106 more words


Pumpkinfest vs Ferguson: Media called out for double standards [pics, video]

Supporters of those who protested and/or rioted in Ferguson, Missouri were calling out the mainstream media for their coverage of the predominantly white rioters at Keene, New Hampshire’s “Pumpkinfest.”  At the fall festival, drunken college students overturned cars, set fires, threw bottles and clashed with police. 545 more words


Facing Forwards

By Mike Small

Continuity Yes is a powerful movement but we need to move into new spaces with new ideas and a new focus.

We said Yes. 438 more words