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Unionization.....For Thee, but NOT for Me, says Media Matters for America

They are one of the biggest Liberal press organizations, who constantly beat the drum for union organizing of most work places.  Yes, until the SEIU attempted to organize… 15 more words


Bias begins where the reporting ends

“Sometimes it’s not in what they report or how they report it, it’s what they don’t say,” Neal Boortz said.

“If you’re a reporter or a producer or an editor and you know that Barack Obama is saying something that simply isn’t true and you know that the dumb masses are going to believe what he said, you’re bias can be shown by just not saying anything at all.” 39 more words

Barack Obama


A Taiwanese protestor holds a sign featuring a “V for Vendetta” quote, which reads “The country belongs to the people. People should not be afraid of their government. 1,794 more words


Some Democrats Finally Awaken To What Is Right and True!

Republicans are often quick to criticize other Conservatives who transgress constitutional authority but Democrats have not usually been so forthright.  It is extremely rare for a Liberal to call out others within their ranks who abuse power or unfairly tarnish the reputation of political opponents with scurrilous attacks just to distract from issues that they cannot defend.   900 more words

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Journalism as a Weapon

Comment I tried to leave on U. of Missouri’s journalism site regarding their “Islam for Journalists” guide. Ironically, the comment was blocked by the spam filter. 82 more words

Islam For Journalists

MSNBC Blames Conservative Groups for IRS Targeting Scandal & Calls Lois Lerner the ‘Real Victim’

It seems that MSNBC host Alex Wagner agrees with the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee that the IRS targeting scandal is indeed a controversy that needs to be resolved – but that’s where the similarities end.

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Dodgy News

Believe it or not, it seems something worth speaking about actually occurred during Hillary Clinton’s last “speaking engagement.” You know, the one’s where she gets paid $250,000 to tell America she should be the next President; while avoiding risk of an FEC violation. 119 more words