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The Banality of Evil...Meet CNN's Carol Costello


Remember the standard Liberal diatribe against “Violence against women”?  The Web sites and numerous articles everywhere speaking out against domestic violence, and legislation introduced in legislatures everywhere making violence against women especially punishable? 202 more words


Andrea Mitchell Assumes Canadian Bigotry as Ferguson Implodes

Well, let’s face it, as the “facts” come out in the Ferguson case;

  • how Officer Wilson told the truth,
  • how Eric Holder tried to bias public opinion against the ‘white’ officer and incited racial animus,
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Anti-Israel Pathology

More typical anti-Israel media bias . . .

Jerusalem Terror Attack: Headline Fails

On Wednesday evening, a Palestinian deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people disembarking Jerusalem’s Light Rail, killing a three-month old baby and injuring several more, in what was clearly a terror attack.

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It Turns Out that there is Oil in Scotland’s North Sea After All

Remember. Now: BP, GDF Discovery Of New North Sea Oil Field. TORY WM LIES. "YES" NEW THIS. "NO" IGNORED #indyref pic.twitter.com/S4KZWWNpuW

— Ian Russell (@IanIwrussell) …

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Media Bias? ... Really?

As if we need reminding, there is an item on the Internet this week noting what this column anticipated some time ago. In this sixth year of Barack Obama’s scandalous and disaster-ridden presidency, as Republicans stand poised to make considerable gains in November’s off-year elections, one would think there are the makings of a pretty big story. 99 more words


Media likes it when conservative women get beaten

The media equals liberals. Any doubt now when people say CNN is biased?

If a recording of an emotional Clinton or Obama talking about being attacked and cussed out surfaced, the airwaves and the Internet would be full of discussions about how women still don’t get the respect they deserve, even in 2014.

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