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Israel "Appropriates West Bank Land" for Its Use

Shalom Y’All:

I, like everyone else, am thrilled that the Gaza War has ended. Of course, I am saddened by the loss of life. Israel destroyed much of Hamas’ rocket supply and tunnels and killed some of its senior leaders, but paid a heavy price.  280 more words


#Indyref Anguish: Media Bias.

The latest opinion poll from Survation asserts that 48% of the Scottish electorate will vote No in the forthcoming referendum. Take a step back, look at this figure again, and suddenly it’s terrifying. 1,276 more words

Reflections Upon Contemporary Events.

31 August 2014. There is a Difference in Russian Reports for the "Russian" and "English" Audiences


President Putin’s statement today on Novorossiya received two very different treatments in the Russian media. In Russian-language reporting, it’s clear that he used language that means “statehood”. 152 more words


A good friend of mine recently lamented on Facebook about a story he heard on National Public Radio’s well-respected show “All Things Considered.”

As a college journalism graduate and a high school journalism teacher, I naturally find these debates irresistible, and so I decided to look up the story and hear it for myself. 798 more words

Remember Lois Lerner and the IRS Scandal? The big networks don't.

Since it’s the last holiday weekend of the summer, I’m not going to put up a long post. It has been awhile since I ranted about the mainstream media’s bias. 17 more words


Could the Worldwide Media Help Stop Terrorists?

Here’s an idea.  How about if ALL the world’s largest media entities simply stopped publishing any pictures or video of terrorists.  No YouTube, no Facebook, no Twitter, NO PICTURES OF ANY KIND.   160 more words