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Supernatural Horror in Literature by H.P. Lovecraft - Chapter 1

This audio clip is a reading from the first chapter of H.P. Lovecraft’s essay on Supernatural Horror in Literature.  It explores the dynamic of how human terror does not derive completely from true horror.   74 more words


Neil Gaiman on the Value of Ghost Stories

A fantastic 2014 TED conference audio clip where Neil Gaiman speaks of how ghost stories greatly benefit our lives.

Click here to be directed to the GalleyCat website to listen to the Neil Gaiman clip. 49 more words


Screenwriting Fantasy Characters & Horror Writing Techniques - Character Creation Tutorial

A short video that gets back to the basics on how to start your story, build your characters and monsters, and imagine scenes.  Even though this video is based more for screenwriting, its lesson is greatly adaptable to fiction writing.


Stephen King on Writing , Scary Stories, and More

I feel like this video is cut short, but King really hits home about short story writing.  Some of the greatest dark fiction authors had his or her start with short stories.   19 more words