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Tomorrow's tame press, at Morgan State today?

Morgan State University (Baltimore) journalism school dean DeWayne Wickham, writing in USA Today, wants to ditch freedom for religiously irreverent speech, by redefining it into the category of “fighting words.” In the course of arguing that French magazine Charlie Hebdo is unendurably disrespectful toward the founder of Islam, Wickham absurdly cites Sage of Baltimore H.L. 16 more words

Media Criticism

#Week One Prompt "Should User comments be Allowed"

What is a Comment?

A comment is a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. In today’s society since Digital media has essentially taken over, entertainment seems to be the center of information. 382 more words


Comments Allowed? Well...Maybe...

I can remember as a child walking out to the curb and picking up our local newspaper, The Florida Times Union.

My parents would read the paper from cover to cover. 573 more words


Media Analysis Journal: Policing the Twittersphere

As a rapidly-expanding social media outlet with countless millions of active worldwide users, Twitter sees its share of content that might be deemed controversial, offensive, tasteless, inflammatory, or otherwise controversial. 631 more words



The internet offers readers the ability to instantly respond to a story. In fact, with new, new media, such instant interactivity is expected by consumers and largely considered required by the producers of many websites.   1,209 more words


Welcome to Media Criticism!

This blog is where I’ll discuss Media Criticism in its entirety. Media Criticism, to me, is the in depth study, analysis, and critiquing of various forms of media and the methods needed in order to improve them.


Bachelorella Recap Week 3: Is this the season of gender equitable slut-shaming?

For no apparent reason, Jimmy Kimmel crashed The Bachelor this week. His presence was as inexplicable as it was painful—Kimmel mocked the series in ways that seemed more mean-spirited than clever, putting Chris and the bachelorettes on the spot and inserting himself into moments where he didn’t belong. 1,218 more words