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Oh, look! Finally! A recap of the second half of this season of "Faking It"!

Faking It has reached its mid-season finale, and I am finally back to recap the last five episodes. I gave up around the middle of this half of the season because so much of the season felt like filler, and there was very little happening for me to talk about. 4,631 more words


Culture Jamming

“Culture jamming” is the process through which a familiar media image or concept is co-opted, deconstructed, demystified and turned against itself. I recently read four articles dealing with various aspects of supposedly “fake news” shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (TDS) and The Colbert Report. 1,117 more words

Media Criticism

Blog Postmortem: learning from the billionaire journalism model

At least Matt Taibbi is writing again. He’s back with Rolling Stone, where he published ‘The $9 Billion Witness,’ an excellent account of Alayne Fleishman, the whistleblower JPMorgan Chase and the DOJ tried to silence: 2,189 more words

The Intercept

Obama expands -- not just extends -- US war on Afghanistan

It’s worth noting that Obama’s “decision” authorizing US troops’ role in Afghanistan in 2015 is not merely an extension of war he promised to end this year; it’s also an… 761 more words


Taking a Look at My Classmates Blog Posts.


Hi everyone again! In my last blog post, I told you a little about myself and picked a media text to examine. If you don’t remember I chose MKTO’s music video for American Dream. 1,087 more words

Media Criticism

The disappearing classified order

Friday night, the New York Times published a major story online under the then-all-caps headline, “IN SECRET, OBAMA EXTENDS U.S. ROLE IN AFGHAN COMBAT.” Upon publication, at 9:33pm EST, Mark Mazzetti’s and Eric Schmitt’s article began, 523 more words


Dissecting the Dissections: MCOM 352 Edition

Hello friends! I know it’s been way too long since I last wrote something for this page, and trust me I feel bad about it. I can only hope that another post will help to ease the pain of the last three weeks or so. 1,299 more words