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Learning to travel without wifi

I may be addicted to my data/internet on my phone. Is it a first world problem? Yes, definitely. I don’t feel the need to use my phone as much when I’m in India for example, but in ‘first world countries’ such as the USA and Europe? 235 more words


Wow.. Nudes.

Let me be perfectly clear, I do not give a crap about distracting nonsensical static. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence had some less than flattering photos of her made public. 115 more words

It Matters To Someone

The Internet...

The internet can be a weird place, you find all sorts of things. I found this photo below at Red Flag News. Technically, I found it on a Facebook post shared by a friend of mine, but the photo-for me-originates from… 339 more words

It Matters To Someone

Media Culture - The Evolution and Importance

I think our media┬áculture in the 21st century is such an interesting part of our culture. The funny thing is, I believe it’s something that overlaps into most countrie cultures, because of the growth of advertising and media, we are fed this idea of what our reality should be and look like and how we should act. 380 more words

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Clean Play

The River Front Times requested the juvenile records of Darren Wilson tonight. A move they were forced to make, it was a natural reaction to this: 343 more words

It Matters To Someone

Middelbare scholieren nood aan smartphone-opvoeding

Heel wat 12-jarigen krijgen nieuwe media cadeau in de aanloop naar de middelbare school. Toch blijkt uit het Net Children go Mobile-onderzoek, dat deze 12-jarige gebruikers van smartphones vaak nog niet weten hoe ze push-berichten van apps moeten blokkeren of geo-locatiefuncties moeten deactiveren. 821 more words


introductory intersectionality

I had to watch many YouTube videos for this advertisement to pop up again, because I asphyxiated the first time (nah, I just accidentally closed the window). 499 more words