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A Fat Boy Trapped Inside a Thin Man’s Body

By Aaron Sternlicht

I’ve never taken my shirt off at the beach. I’m barely comfortable looking at myself naked in front of a mirror; how would you expect me to be comfortable in front of another human being. 662 more words


The Reluctant Imperialist: Obama Gets A Boost From the Servants' Quarters

Suppose some world leader who the US establishment considers “evil”—Vladimir Putin for example—held a closed door meeting with a group of prominent Russian journalists before his invasion of the Ukraine. 1,451 more words

Economics / Politics

Media Criticism

I have created a new “media criticism” category which serves as a platform for a series of critical reflections on media.  My current class seeks to develop my ability to understand and express complicated concepts related to the media landscape. 51 more words

New Media

Vicky Beeching: Evangelical Christian and Lesbian

I first heard about Vicky Beeching a couple of weeks ago, but, in the time since then, I’ve been fascinated by her story. In an interview that appeared on the front page of Britain’s The Independent on August 14, 2014, Beeching, a prominent singer/songwriter on the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) scene, came out as a lesbian. 2,272 more words

Learning to travel without wifi

I may be addicted to my data/internet on my phone. Is it a first world problem? Yes, definitely. I don’t feel the need to use my phone as much when I’m in India for example, but in ‘first world countries’ such as the USA and Europe? 235 more words


Wow.. Nudes.

Let me be perfectly clear, I do not give a crap about distracting nonsensical static. Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence had some less than flattering photos of her made public. 115 more words

It Matters To Someone

The Internet...

The internet can be a weird place, you find all sorts of things. I found this photo below at Red Flag News. Technically, I found it on a Facebook post shared by a friend of mine, but the photo-for me-originates from… 339 more words

It Matters To Someone