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I may be amenable to correction, but MSM doesn't seem to be

From PunditFact: Introducing: Scorecards for the TV networks

If you watch the news on TV for the same reason I watch reruns before bed (background noise, vague amusement) more power to you! 234 more words


China Daily Mail makes a mark in the international media

China Daily Mail features a mixture of reposted articles about China, as well as original feature articles and opinions from over sixty contributors. Most of the reposted articles are blocked in parts of China, or the whole country, and these are provided as a service to expats inside China. 298 more words


Breitbart & Gawker, match of the century?

Wherein I try for a more even-handed tone

ICYMI, Breitbart recently engaged in the kind of, how should I put it, less than rigorous journalism that many have come to expect of the source. 1,450 more words


Japan objects as Chinese paper prints mushroom clouds on map

Japan on Tuesday vowed to make a stern protest to China after a regional Chinese newspaper printed a map of the country with mushroom clouds hovering over the cities of… 525 more words


Worthwhile reads: Why ISIS shouldn't be branded terrorists by Russ Wellen @ Scholars & Rogues

Why ISIS shouldn’t be branded terrorists

Russ Wellen provides a concise synopsis of some of key ideas presented in Kenneth Pollack’s Iraq Military Situation Report. Our war hawks would do well to consider the points raised, but it’s just not in their nature to do so. 72 more words


Huge discounts on Kindle version of Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements is extended internationally

China Daily Mail contributor Chan Kai Yee has announced that 70% discounts on the Kindle version of his book are now in place until the end of June. 444 more words


The Online and Mobile Gaming are Likely to replace Console Gaming Market in India Video Games Industry: Ken Research

The Indian Smartphone market, offering products with advanced technology at a reasonable price point, has contributed significantly to the growth of mobile games in India. 645 more words

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