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Digital Media Content and Juveniles

While I was reviewing some course work for my Media Ethics course I came across some interesting information about Digital Content for Juveniles. First I’d like to define what a juvenile is:  893 more words

Media Ethics, Part II

This is the second blog post regarding media ethics for my Mass Communication class at LWIT. In this post I’ll be drawing from and discussing the following three resources: 847 more words

Like a brick in the face.

So over the weekend, a photo came out of a protester throwing a brick and Garda vehicles (pronounce however you like). First of all on a few posts I commented that I thought it was faked and gave my reasons why, however since then I’ve seen videos of the event and the series of photos that led to the published photos (links will be below). 692 more words


Media Ethics

This blog post is part of an assignment for my Mass Communication class at LWIT, and focuses on three podcasts from On the Media. The first podcast, titled “Sue You”, is about a defamation lawsuit against a blogger. 823 more words

News media’s growing Facebook co-dependency challenges journalism’s limits on acquiring informational ethically

In the pre-dawn of the media age the main delivery system for news in much of the country consisted of sleepy boys on bikes, who pedaled from house to house before daybreak and stuck papers into mailboxes or threw them in the general vicinity of front doors. 809 more words

Newspaper Columns

PoliTech Video Critique: a journalism student's perspective

Before you read this, understand that this is not a source of news, but rather commentary and opinion on what has already been produced.

I am a junior journalism major at Texas Tech, and this is my response and critique to the recent video produced by PoliTech “Politically Challenged”, which can be seen here… 779 more words


Romanian Scholar Brindusa Armanca Talks Media Ethics

The public’s ability to discern between ethical and unethical journalism has been jeopardized by a “junk food” heavy diet from the media, according to Brindusa Armanca, a Romanian journalist and professor who lectured at the University of Tennessee on Oct. 357 more words

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