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Ex-Formula One Head Sues Google For Prostitute Pictures

(Photo credit: BBC)

From BBC:

“Ex-Formula One boss Max Mosley is suing Google for continuing to publish images of him with prostitutes at a sex party. 152 more words

OkCupid Modified User Profiles For Study

(Photo credit: mysite.verizon.net, Nick and Rudy)

From Washington Post:

“In a lengthy blog post, OkCupid cofounder Christian Rudder explains that OkCupid has on occasion played around with removing text from people’s profiles, removing photos, and even telling some users they were an excellent match when in fact they were only a 30 percent match according to the company’s systems. 269 more words

Anon Again

By Casey Bukro

Anonymous sources — used by media and by government officials — came up again in a New York Daily News piece by James… 394 more words

Ethical Standards

Journalist Rifling Through MH17 Dead Passenger Suitcase Makes NSA Look Blind In Comparison

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

“The Sky News journalist who rummaged through a child’s suitcase at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has apologised, acknowledging he made a “serious error of judgment”. 130 more words

Jobs and Journalism: Do they belong in the same sentence?

This article was originally published by Media Musings on May 24, 2013

by Emma Watson

My father used to tell me I could be anything. Whoever I wanted to be and wherever I wanted to go – I could do it, as long as I put my mind to it. 438 more words

Emma Watson

Vanishing Facts, Finding Truth

By Casey Bukro

Looks like this new generation of online and social media writers don’t care much about fact-checking, favoring speed over accuracy.

Though that might be obvious from reading  the internet, a… 462 more words

Ethical Standards