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Western Americans can handle the truth

Western Americans can handle the truth

When it comes to the Western Media, I feel that we should have had reported and publish Charlie Hedbo cartoons, to help American citizen be aware of the information in the world. 337 more words


Ethical Scenario 1

Many ethical issues will arise when  you work in media which you will have to resolve, either by yourself or with the assistance of colleagues. 140 more words

Media Ethics

Smash hit podcast Serial built audience appeal on questionable reporting practices

So much was impressive about Serial that I’m reluctant to point out some of the intractable ethical problems on which the sensational podcast, which explored over 12 weeks the 1999 murder of a Baltimore teenager, was built. 899 more words

Media Ethics

False Accusations and Media Ethics

A group comprised of educators at all levels were engaged in a robust discussion on LinkedIn on the topic of false accusations, inaccurate reporting and the devastating negative impact such false accusations have on the accused, even when the accusations were recounted.  211 more words

Media Ethics

My humbling Experience at BarCamp Accra as a Mentor; Barcamp is simply a one-stop shop

I have always wondered what Barcamp is about and why the craze amongst lots of individuals in the virtual community of the event. Often, my twitter handle gets inundated with notifications and postings from my friend… 1,023 more words


How much more hacking will the news media gleefully publicize? The twisted ethics of the Sony coverage.

Just before Thanksgiving an entity calling itself the Guardians of Peace shunted an unimaginably vast amount of data pillaged from Sony Pictures Entertainment, one of the world’s foremost movie companies, onto publicly available Internet sites. 912 more words

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