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Bleak look at SA media freedom

Produced for the current edition of the Zambian Bulletin & Record

Where in the world has a ventriloquist’s dummy been sued for defamation and won a gagging order in court? 982 more words


Misunderstanding the Turkish press

I’m breaking my blogging hiatus to present a guest post by my friend Paul Osterlund, who is currently reporting for Today’s Zaman. The piece is a response to a… 1,823 more words


EU on new restrictions: freedom of media key issue for candidates

12th October 2014 / By Turkish Media Wach

Freedom and pluralism of the media are key issues potential candidate states are being asked to take into account in order to be a part of the European Union, Maja Kocijancic, a spokesperson for the European Commission, said when asked to evaluate an expanding media accreditation ban being placed on certain media outlets by the Turkish government.

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Truthout: Journalists Silenced as Killers Walk Free

United Nations – A new report published by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) shows that nine out of 10 cases of journalist killings go unpunished.

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시체로 돌아온 기자

[세계] 버마 국경지대 교전 취재하고 이동 중 연행됐다 ‘살해’된 아웅나잉 기자…
군복만 벗은 테인 세인 정부의 ‘군사적’ 본질 본 국민들의 분노 끓어

10월21일 미얀마(버마)의 옛 수도 랑군에서 딴다(46)가 남편의 강제 실종을 알리는 기자회견을 할 때만 해도 다들 ‘설마’ 했다.

한글기사 (Korean)

Living in Cyber-Darkness

And the final featured article from the students as part of the “media freedoms in post-communist countries” series, this one describing media repression in Uzbekistan. 939 more words

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