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STATEMENT | In response to Pres. Aquino's 'not all media killings are work-related'

Last Tuesday, September 16, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III delivered a policy speech at Brussels, Belgium. Included in his speech was his claim that the administration has already taken steps on human rights violations in the country. 571 more words


The question of Media Freedom in Africa

The judgment passed by an Egyptian court, two months ago, on three journalists of the Aljazerra News Channel, has caused uproar in the international human rights circles. 789 more words


'Save our sources' fight against police snooping

Press Gazette launched a campaign to protect news sources after revelations that the police considered it legal to secretly obtain journalists’ phone records. It said it breached the right to freedom of expression, which included the right to protect sources (September 2014). 43 more words

Data Protection

Military contacts with media 'must be declared'

Military personnel, including civilians, cadets and volunteers, were ordered to report all encounters with the media, even in social and family situations. Press Gazette said it might mean journalists could no longer report stories such as failure to equip soldiers in war zones (September 2014). Read more

Media Freedom

Police advice 'wrong' on terror laws and media

Police wrongly warned that watching video of a journalists’ execution could breach terrorism laws, said Press Gazette’s Cleland Thom. His column explained some of the key points of the laws affecting the media (September 2014). Read more


Rapist gets life after picture spotted in paper

A rape victim identified her attacker when his picture was published in a local paper 27 years later. The editor said it showed the importance of being able to publicise sex crimes (HoldTheFrontPage, September 2014). Read more


IPSO wants 'unruly press' but 'will punish' wrongs

A “wild, unruly press” is important but the inevitable “disgusting breaches” of the Editors’ Code would be punished, said the chairman of new regulator IPSO on the day it went live. 30 more words