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Is citizen journalism the way of the future?

A recent debate held by Index on Censorship Magazine at London’s Frontline Club asked the question of whether or not the future of journalism will lead to a more or less informed global public. 315 more words

Media Issues

Books Vs E-Books

Being from Generation Y I grew up with books and believe that children should still be grown up with hard and paperback, printed with ink on paper, books, not e-books. 291 more words

Media Issues

Media coverage adding fuel to our deteriorating environment

Hello there fellow media gurus.

As a student learning the fundamentals of journalism, I’ve recently realised there’s a major problem with nationwide mainstream media content. The issue is the lack of environmental coverage being broadcasted. 387 more words


Do gimmicks and fashion overshadow Australian sports women?

Over the past week I have seen many news articles about Women’s Health Magazine’s 2014 ‘I Support Women In Sport’ event claiming to be outraged at the presence of… 287 more words

Media Issues

Are Your Selfies Secure?

Who would have thought that posting a photo of you with a can of coca cola on Instagram would draw attention to marketing firms. The article, … 235 more words

Media Issues

Charlo Greene's Stunt: This Is Why They Call It "Dope."

Perhaps you’ve heard of Charlo Greene , the Alaskan-based, pot-puffing ex-reporter who set her career on fire by disclosing she was the owner of a pro-marijuana “cannabis club” while dropping a F bomb on live television as she quit before she could be fired. 656 more words

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I was going to write a post on the Baked Alaskan, but I don't think I could do a better job than Jeff Winbush. For the record, he and I appear to have come up with the "Baked Alaskan" moniker independently.

Ferguson: Transparency

A common theme from the independent side is the idea of transparency. Independents want information that is presented to them to be clear and most importantly transparent. 62 more words