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media issue #3: Mobile devices get green light for use on Qantas and Virgin flights

Long boring plane trips can be made even more tiring when we cannot occupy ourselves with our electronic devices. Recently, Qantas and Virgin Australia applied for permission to allow passengers to use these devices during take-off and landing on flights within Australia. 196 more words

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Media Issue #2: Is Twitter Trolling Making the Israel-Palestine Conflict Worse?

Twitter is a famous social media platform utilised by millions around the world. But is it being used to fuel a war and cause damage? The crisis in the Middle East is getting worse by the day and the ongoing violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians is boiling decades of pain into just 140 characters. 150 more words

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Media Issue #1: Can Reddit Grow Up?

With the internet rapidly growing and changing, we are all used to seeing modern, new and exciting elements online. However, Reddit a 9 year old website where users talk about and share almost anything, is obviously having a bit of a struggle keeping up to date with their web design… 126 more words

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Andrew Mitrovica's ad hominem attack on Rex Murphy's views re climate alarmism

The “belief” or “orthodoxy” that carbon emissions and man’s use of fossil fuels are responsible for global warming (AGW) has, without a doubt, become the new secular religion. 620 more words