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The right time to take a stand

There seems to be an undercurrent of opinion in some circles that black people are not allowed to speak on any issue until and unless they address particular issues within their own community. 481 more words


Burning the Witches (Part 2): Burn us all

It is becoming such a familiar pattern now… So much so that when #rohtakgirls happened, it didn’t even strike as odd. The culture of “either you are with us, or against us.” The champion -isms of democracy vis feminism, secularism, caste justice, economic justice, environmentalism, anti-corruptism are becoming killers of democracy. 266 more words

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Burning the witches...

I saw a social media post today criticizing an MP who was outside the parliament posing for media while the parliament debated the black money issue. 778 more words

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Hold the Phone!

Things to grab when leaving the house: keys, money, phone. We never leave without having our phone is our pockets! They have everything we could need, including being able to watch our favourite movies and tv shows. 137 more words

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T-Swizzle's Newest Album Intensifies a Streaming Debate

Taylor Swift – lets face it we are all fans – has released her newest album ‘1989’ and in the first week sold 1.287 million copies in the United States. 149 more words

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Advertising: The Monster That Swallowed the Web

With the advances of technology we can access practically everything from the palm of our hands. The web is becoming less and less used (the internet is not the same as the web) and we are opting for our fast-loading, advertisement-less, pretty apps on our phones, correct? 214 more words

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How Terrorists Are Using Social Media

This article is addressing the recent Islamic state terrorists who have been taking to social media to share their opinions and views. This article in particular is about Mounir Raad who is a coveted terrorist associated with Ahmed and Ezzit Raad. 288 more words

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