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Negativity in Misrepresentation: The Female Body in Advertisement

Women have faced issues of sexism, and physical objectification in several mediums throughout history. Society has yet to completely overcome the issues that face women and we can see this in the distortion of the feminine physique. 1,313 more words

Contemporary Media

ARTS3091 Wk 7 - Framing & vectors.

This video shows Lakoff speaking about the way in which the human mind ‘understands’ and ‘interprets’ the world around us through ‘framing’. Each frame confronts the individual, and society for that matter with a scenario and consequentially a set of rules or ideas which join the certain frame. 184 more words


Family Guy in the mediated public sphere

The mediated public sphere is an area where the elite media (newspapers, TV) and popular media come together and raise/discuss issues. It works in a way whereby a popular media text such as Family Guy airs a show with a controversial, one sided or previously disregarded issue bound up in its content and the Audience or monitors of that show realise the issue raised and bring that issue up in the public sphere. 446 more words

Legal Issues in Media

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S. is best known for enforcing censorship of television and radio. For example, it’s hard to forget the alarmist claims of indecency by the FCC and the accompanying harsh fines, all because of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during Super Bowl XXXVIII. 482 more words

#RethinkMedia 2014

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Rethink Media conference which was packed full of talented media professionals and compelling talks which gave me a lot to think about. 155 more words


Social problems - Are the media to blame?

                                            Youth of today brainwashed by media

                                                                 Fact or fiction?

The media, be it news, radio, web, social or any other form, is an enormous aspect of today’s society. 336 more words

The Media Environment: Week One

Most of us will have several interactions with some form of media every day either consciously or inadvertently that affect our experiences and relations on a day to day basis and in our overall life. 120 more words