Wearables & The Quantified Self Movement

I was recently asked by ADWEEK about opportunities for brands and fitness wearables. The discussion focused on utility and the future of the quantified self movement and whether hardware or software is the way to go. 487 more words

Tom Edwards

The Homer They Fall

The last part of the three-part ABC TV Canberra expose on building defects focused on the “ineffectiveness” of the ACT Government building regulator, ACTPLA.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-27/act-government-building-regulator-ineffective-in-tackling/5348140?section=act… 341 more words

The Guardian & Marketing in 2020

My commentary was recently included in the Are You Ready for Marketing in 2020 article posted by Michael Brenner via The Guardian. The article explains how evolving consumer habits and pressures on marketers will have redefined marketing by 2020.

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Tom Edwards

What the #SelfieRevolution Means for Brands

Recently, I contributed commentary (pages 8 & 9) to a whitepaper published by The Marketing Arm/Fanscape team. The white paper dives into the psychology of what the #SelfieRevolution means for Brands. 54 more words


Telegraph Journal article: Walking the talk, 38 years on

Health Coach Lesley was featured in an article about Saint John’s David Goss and his long-running Walk ‘n’ Talks group.

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