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Revenge Porn: It's criminal ... except when it makes a good front page - Joan Smith

At the beginning of October, The Sun launched a campaign against what has become known as ‘revenge porn’. A number of famous people have been victims of the practice, which consists of a former partner publishing intimate material without their ex’s permission. 1,009 more words


Would the paisley pyjamas sting stand up in court? - Nicholas Robin

The Sunday Mirror’s use of a fake Twitter account to trick an MP into sending ‘selfies’ of himself in bed has raised renewed questions about whether journalists are justified in using entrapment in the public interest. 1,062 more words


Hi everyone, I'm Australia and I have a problem with piracy

Hi, Australia!

I’m going to start this blog post with the most generic sentence you have ever heard, and you’ve heard it a lot. Australia is number one in the world for internet piracy per capita. 556 more words


The IMPRESS Project: a viable, independent model of press regulation? - Jonathan Heawood

IPSO has now officially launched, but it did so under a cloud, and with the support of only part of the industry. The Independent, the Guardian and the Financial Times no longer belong to the self-regulatory body for press journalism. 1,108 more words

Media Regulation

Three months to save IPSO - Damian Tambini

According to Hacked Off, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) is ‘a sham regulator’ that defies the will of Parliament and ignores Leveson. For the newspapers that set it up, including the Telegraph, the Mail and the Times, it is a gamble that might save press freedom in Britain. 444 more words

Leveson Inquiry