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CEO swearing rises and falls with economy

Rob Swystun, Pristine Advisers

Is it ever okay for a CEO to swear while talking with shareholders, even if the economy is bad?

Conventional wisdom would say no, it’s never okay to swear in a business setting, particularly when talking to shareholders. 1,119 more words

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Frankie Flack Explains Why Newsrooms are Using Press Releases More Than Ever

By Neil Hershberg, Sr. Vice President, Global Media, Business Wire

Not only are press releases alive and well but, according to an industry insider, their role in today’s editorial ecosystem is more important than ever.  310 more words

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Increase Journalist Interest in Your Healthcare Press Releases – Free Webinar!

In the last 5 years, new communication tools have made it both easier, and more complicated to launch and manage successful Healthcare PR programs.  Media relations has changed across the board, especially as it relates to writing about healthcare. 390 more words

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Amplify: Good Clients Make Good P.R.

When someone once asked Yogi Berra what makes a good baseball manager, he replied, “A good ball club.” Similarly, if you asked me what makes a good public relations professional, I’d say, ‘A good client.’ 982 more words


Don’t Miss the Upcoming Webinar “The Business of Sports”

The pressure is on. You have been put in charge of getting coverage for a top sports brand.  You begin your press campaign by writing a compelling release which you promptly distribute, patiently waiting for signs of interest.  361 more words

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Eight Reasons the Media Hate You (And How You Can Fix It)

By Stephanie Jo Peksen, Account Executive, Business Wire New York

If you’re like most public relations professionals, you have a list for everything – a to-do list, a client list and, of course, a media outreach list. 1,610 more words

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