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On international media representation of Uganda

The international media today picked up comments from Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, saying that Uganda’s tourism industry should rival that of Spain’s.

His comments, made in Uganda’s ‘New Vision’ newspaper were then picked up by Agence France-Presse (AFP) and published in global news platforms such as… 392 more words


News from Australia

Some of you reading my blog will be well aware of Kate Swaffer in Australia, who also has dementia and is an amazing blogger. Read more at: 137 more words

Media Representation

The East London Mosque

One building that came to mind when thinking about media architectures was the East London mosque. The ELM has appeared in the UK media quite a lot in the last few years, it is mostly linked to stories about extremism (both religious and far right), terrorism and fanaticism. 201 more words


The Japanese approach

Japan hosted a global dementia legacy event in November  (the first was

held in Britain in December 2013).  I read an article recently in the Guardian about dementia in Japan which made me sit up and think about the different cultural attitudes to dementia. 505 more words


Ender's Shadow: One MILLION Potatoes

After Cheri’s wonderful review, I’m going to lower the expectations for myself right from the start. Rather than a thoughtful and well-formed synopsis with insight and careful commentary, I am going to gush about one of my favorite books: Ender’s Shadow. 889 more words

Diversity In Books

NaNoWriMo: Day 19-21 (Except Not Really)


One day there will be a blog post about how I am on word count and everything is wonderful, but that day is not today. 412 more words

Alzheimer's Society - new opportunities from a bad situation part 2!

My second ‘WOW’ day since being diagnosed came about after volunteering to be a ‘Join Dementia Research’ Champion. This new campaign is being launched in January: 600 more words