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A followup of sorts to my previous post.

Hello, internet. Some of you might have read my previous commentary about Callie Perfection Torres having her sexuality erased. Well, do I have news for you! 502 more words

Anxiety & Me, part 2: “You have a broken leg? Try meditation!”

Imagine getting sick.

You’re confined to bed with double pneumonia, struggling to breathe.

Now some insensitive twerp visits you and declares they “used to have” pneumonia too, but overcame it through meditation and inner strength. 297 more words


Media Representation (WEEK 2)

On week-2 seminar, we have discussed Stuart Hall’s theories about Media Representation with Andrea.

Here are three key points of his theories:

1. Multiplicity of meanings; 539 more words

Media Representation

In Which Maddie is Surprised by a Film

While watching a movie, I find it immensely difficult to initially evaluate anything about it other than how feminist it is. School and the Internet have slowly taught me to be hypersensitive about how mass media represents certain types of people. 423 more words

Miscellaneous Musings

Frightened of Ebola?

On the ABC’s Q&A program last night, one of the viewers tweeted ‘there is no oil in ebola’. At this time the panel was debating why Australia wasn’t sending over teams of doctors and nurses to help West Africa cope with ebola. 424 more words


10 Ways That 80's and 90's Television had Better Female Representation

Been awhile, I know *sheepish grin*, but I had an exciting summer and am back now and getting my writing groove on once more. In fact, just published another Buzzfeed article, which, as the title suggests, lists ways in which 80’s and 90’s television did a better job of representing women than what is found on TV today. 20 more words

How to Get Away With Murder Is Everything "That" New York Times Review Said It Is

Like everyone else on the internet, I heard about the New York Times review of the first episode of How to Get Away With Murder… 715 more words