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Pantheon of Queer Ladies: In The Beginning...

First off: My deepest apologies. I have been incredibly remiss in keeping up with my posts for this blog. Adult life is harder than anyone could have prepared me for, particularly the psychological parts. 1,293 more words

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Alzheimer's launch a dementia friendly Christmas

Today the Alzheimer’s Society have launched a Guide to having a dementia friendly Christmas:


I know I’m so very lucky. I have 2 such wonderful daughters and their partners. 448 more words

Media Representation

Getting the message out - please help!

I love all you wonderful people reading my blog. I’d be quite happy blogging to myself but to know people are reading it is very comforting. 92 more words

Media Representation

On Seeing My Body on Television

I saw a woman that looked like me on tv once, and it was breathtaking. I finally understood what it meant when women talk about the damage it does that we don’t see different body types. 210 more words

Plastic Surgery in South Korean Media

The discussion of plastic surgery in South Korean popular culture has been escalated since one of the girls’ dance group members, Joo Hyun Ok’s childhood picture was revealed online. 612 more words

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But, Why Sci-Fi?

I am not a science fiction writer.

And yet I am working on a story that is often classified as sci-fi, (though I think it leans more towards post-apocalyptic and what I have dubbed “pre-dystopia”). 894 more words

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