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Lucy Review

Spoiler Warning: Lucy

Trigger Warning: Discussion of fictional racialized violence. I would add a pretty huge consent and body autonomy tw, too, if you watch the movie. 933 more words


What Really Influences Children

Some time ago I had been talking with someone about how I felt it was unfortunate that most gay or trans characters in media could only exist by being “coded” queer. 707 more words

Transgender Person

A Feminist Blogger Always Pays Her Debts - Victories and Failures of Game of Thrones

Confession: I just started watching Game of Thrones at the end of June.

Yes, yes, I know. I’m letting down the whole generation of Millennials who have been trying to make Lannister references at me for years. 1,506 more words

Pop Culture

The 'mother' and the 'witch'

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is highly regarded by her public – indeed she’s very popular and is referred to as  ‘sister, aunt, even mother’. 669 more words


Disability in Animation: Conclusion

Series: Disability in Children’s Animation

Spoiler Warnings: No explicit spoilers

Trigger/Content Warnings: None that I can think of

This week, I looked at disability in children’s animation. 827 more words


Disability in Animation: How to Train Your Dragon

Series: Disability in Children’s Animation

Spoiler Warnings: How to Train Your Dragon. Also some spoilers for the series, Dragons: Riders of Berk, though not specific episodes. 1,845 more words


Redefining Disability: An Interactive Blogging Project

What is Redefining Disability?

Redefining Disability is an interactive blogging project I developed in order to promote better representation for people with disabilities in the media. 781 more words

Rose Meets World