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"Why Journalism?"

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question after telling people my major or told “You’re going to be poor even if you do find a job, you know,” let’s just say I would have a lot of dollars. 527 more words

Media's perception of our body image in society

I was reading the news this evening when I came across a few articles that were interesting. The three articles I read about was the human Barbie not wearing make up and taking selfies, the woman who hasn’t eaten in a year as she has anorexia and the “Wonut” coming into the market, which is a deep fried waffle donut. 811 more words


Great Expectations, But Whose Are They?..

It was the Easter Sunday morning. The night before, a magical bunny had hopped around our back garden with a torch in hand hiding away chocolate eggs. 905 more words


From the archives: Fox News nails it with down-the-middle coverage of allegation that Earth revolves around Sun

Leaders pounce on ‘moving Earth’ manifesto

by Fred Wallace, Fox News contributor

Published Dec 18, 1543

A chorus of influential world figures including Pope Paul III expressed deep reservation Thursday with the release of  276 more words


Oh yeah? CNN host: MSNBC doesn't dwell on stories for 'weeks' like Fox News does [video]

Join the club.

On this afternoon’s edition of “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper led a discussion about Sean Hannity’s rightful condemnation of Cliven Bundy’s ignorance and “beyond repugnant” diminishment of the atrocity of slavery. 230 more words


End of Semester Woes

Reflecting on another great class I took this semester with Carol Zuegner, Entrepreneurial Media, I learned a lot. I never ever thought that entrepreneurship would interest me, but after taking this class I realize that maybe starting my own business wouldn’t be too bad and maybe I could actually be successful! 202 more words


Fear government ..... fear private power ..... the most evil, the most heinous

Fear government ….. fear private power ….. the most evil, the most heinous

You fear government to mash you into a sad sack of nothing? 169 more words