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Elizabeth M. Fowler, Financial Reporter for The Times, Dies at 95

Ms. Fowler was one of the first women to cover Wall Street for a daily newspaper.

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Powerhouse on the Field Looks to Have a Similar Presence on TV

The new SEC Network will broadcast 45 football games, as well as basketball games and Olympic sports, to more than 62 million households nationwide.

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Learning from Pain

I recall being so in love with a man once I could hardly stand it. The trouble was that he wasn’t in love with me. I played games with him and me. 74 more words

Ryan Hite

Featured Works: Teen Titans Prismacolor series #1: Raven

Hello all,

I’ve been looking forward to posting today’s featured work for a couple weeks now when I first started this drawing. This has been one of my more ambitious projects experimenting with my prismacolor colored pencils. 564 more words


James McEvoy Is Still Pretty Sure That He Isn't Ewan McGregor, But He Will Give You An Autograph

Seeing how James McAvoy is only the second person to play Charles Xavier from The X-Men (not counting animated versions), it’s pretty reasonable to believe he’d be noticed a lot more on the street. 138 more words


Platypus Musings: Thoughts on the Quinnspiracy

First, I must confess that I do not follow the current generation of video games or gaming journalism and have not for years. To be brutally honest, I feel that I live in a time warp where the nineties never ended and thus I pay more attention to what Nintendo releases on the Virtual Console and retrogaming from the fourth to sixth generations. 927 more words

The Musing Platypus

Our Girl, Diane Sawyer, Signs Off at ABC's World News

It was all smiles as ABC’s Diane Sawyer gave up the anchor chair on the World News. But this is only an au revoir: Sawyer made it clear we’d be seeing her again very soon. 239 more words