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[VIDEO] Students Agree to Deport Americans in Exchange for Illegal Immigrants

Students at George Washington University signed a petition to deport one American citizen in exchange for one illegal immigrant. More than two-thirds of the students approached by Campus Reform agreed to sign the petition. 269 more words

Help the Cuban Opposition, Not the Castros

In July 2013, I had the opportunity to speak with two prominent Cuban dissidents, Elizardo Sanchez and Guillermo Farinas. Both men had been supporters of the Castros—Sanchez as an academic, Farinas as a soldier—but had come to realize the real brutal, authoritarian nature of their Communist regime. 980 more words

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Obama: Sony Made Mistake Pulling 'The Interview'; U.S. Will Respond Proportionally At Time And Place We Choose -- Update

Sony “made a mistake” in caving to North Korean hackers, President Obama said bluntly this morning during his year-end news conference. He said the United States “will respond proportionally” to the cyber attack on the studio — which included threatening to harm moviegoers — “at a place and time we choose.” The studio’s handling of the hack was the very first question White House press corps asked Obama at the annual year-in-review, which speaks to how seriously the situation is being taken in Washington. 952 more words


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Net Jobs Growth Since '07 Have Gone to Immigrants

“Native employment has still not returned to pre-recession levels, while immigrant employment already exceeds pre-recession levels.”

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North Korea "Responsible" For Sony Hack, FBI Confirms

The FBI said this morning that the government of North Korea instigated the massive cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and threats against movie theaters over  1,428 more words