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Hibiscus Dreaming All-In-One Chakra Revitalising Spray

This new product will be launched at the Adelaide Body Mind and Psychic Expo 31st May 1st June.
Some fantastic energy and lightness discovered when creating, producing, designing and doing all that was needed to bring this product through. 23 more words


Canadian Divorce Reform: 1998 - 2003

Herbert Eser Gray, Queen’s Counsel

Former Deputy Prime Minister Dies At 82

OTTAWA – From The Canadian Press

Herb Gray, a former deputy prime minister and one of Canada’s longest-serving parliamentarians, died Monday at the age of 82. 747 more words


Getting Started...

So you’ve decided to believe the impossible…


Everyday we move through a magically impossible world. The whole of human existence being countless impossibilities stacked one upon the other, the exact conditions necessary for our universe to produce stars and planets to form, the precise conditions on our hostile little world to allow life to take root, the arduous process of the evolution of our DNA to form modern humanity and finally, that one little sperm cell out of millions which found its counterpart to create you… Kinda seems magical, huh? 695 more words


292. Conflict Management

When Conflict Arises, How Do You Handle It?

Everyone has faced conflict throughout their lives at home, at work, at school, in stores, everywhere. It is incumbent upon leaders to learn effective ways to manage conflict situations as they arise. 533 more words


Government announces new family court

Hello and welcome to a breakdown of today’s news regarding family law, mediation and proceedings for care cases.  


This morning’s BBC Radio 4 Today programme  623 more words

Legal Aid

The new Children and Families Bill 2014 - in force from today

The Children and Families Bill 2014

The Children and Families Bill 2014 has come into force today and is viewed by many as marking a fundamental shift in the law relating to children. 542 more words

Star Cross

With Orion at my right hand
Aries falls at my back.

As Cygnus passes over head
By way of Herculean force.

What wonder should their nightly travels bring… 24 more words