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Guest Blog: Should Parents Be Allowed To Make Custody And Visitation Agreements Without Being Challenged?

In theory, it is best when parents with minor children are able to work out a custody and visitation arrangement on their own when they separate and/or… 1,008 more words

TSE | DAY 27 and 28 - Breakdown and recovery

Hey¬†it’s Lenn again,

How it went and some thoughts on why it went like this

To say that I didn’t follow my plan yesterday would be an understement. 1,363 more words


Resolving It - The Hopeless Case by Michael P. Carbone [ Volume 5, Issue No. 4 April 2014]


Last month I received a letter from a lawyer who had appeared in a case that had just settled. He had said at the beginning of the mediation that he had little hope of settling because the other side was more interested in litigating. 401 more words

The Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation Explained

Most people have likely heard the terms Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Arbitration, and Mediation mentioned in different contexts, but many may not know exactly what they are and how they differ. 561 more words



“There is something good in all seeming failures. You are not to see that now. Time will reveal it. Be patient.” – Swami Sivananda

Embracing success comes easy, but are you afraid to fail? 34 more words

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The New Face of Family Law - Touchy, Feely and Single Mum-Friendly!

I’ve had several meetings with Family Lawyers in the last few days, planning a series of free presentations for single mums here in the UK (with some to follow in New York this coming December, all being well) and there’s one thing that I think you should know. 519 more words