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Medicaid rolls surge under Obamacare

In Idaho, the number of people who signed up for Medicaid has jumped by 13.4 percent. In Georgia, it’s up 12.9 percent. In North Carolina, the rate has climbed 12.4 percent.

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If This Is A Medical Emergency

You have reached the offices of doctors Flanagan Hanagan Managan Branagan and Moshie If you know your party’s extension you may press 1 now If you are a first time patient press 2 now If this is a pharmacy press 3 now If this is a dotor’s office press 4 now If you are a patient calling from a law office press 5 now If you are a Medicare patient press 6 now If you are a Medicaid patient press 7 now If you are running out of patients press 8 now If you are a hypochondriac press any button you want however often you want now If you have questions as to your fertility or your virility or your stability don’t press your luck Hang up and dial 911 or Meals on Wheels now


Medicaid Is Growing in Many States That Didn’t Expand

Medicaid Rolls Surge Under Affordable Care Act (NYTimes)

The Obamacare law didn’t make anyone new eligible for these states’ Medicaid programs, but the publicity around the act encouraged more people to sign up. 22 more words

When Does Helping Actually Hurt

   By Bob Shapiro

The US Cost of Living has gone up relentlessly since Eisenhower was President – sometimes faster and sometimes slower. Every Administration, whether Republican or Democrat, has seen a higher CPI reading than his predecessor. 665 more words

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Bentley's words on Medicaid bring hope and scorn

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s statements about being open to a form of Medicaid expansion has brought reactions ranging from hope to scorn. 127 more words


How Much Do Consumers Pay to Healthcare Providers?

Just Facts Daily posed a question to readers regarding healthcare payments. Here is the question and answer:

What portion of all healthcare spending in the U.S.

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