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Cancer, death and the aftermath of pain and financial debt.

In my little world, cancer was something that happened to other people. Not until I had my personal encounter with melanoma, did I really know what it meant to suffer from skin cancer. 462 more words


Starting the Year Off with a Tidal Wave

I had a fairly stressful and unpredictable childhood. A common theme growing up was how flexible can you be to the sure to come changes. I learned what I had to keep doing to stay happy and what I needed to let go of when extra stress used my energy in new ways. 827 more words


by Beth Ann Morgan

If you’ve had to deal with medical and/or pharmaceutical insurance companies during your period of crisis, my guess is that at some point, you’ve received an unanticipated bill in the mail. 340 more words

Beth Ann Morgan

Why You Should Know About Steven Johnson Syndrome

Imagine spending a typical day with your family. Everything is going according to routine, but you suddenly find yourself rushing your child, younger sibling, or young family member to the hospital not knowing what’s wrong with them. 401 more words


"God Can Turn It Around"

“God Can Turn It Around”                     By: Annie Smith

Since Justin’s five surgeries on his arm this year we’ve received medical bills from several companies, doctor’s offices and facilities. 1,064 more words

Christian Daily Devotionals

A New Song in my Heart

This is the year I want to write about all the wonderful miracles God has done in my life. This morning I was reminded of one of those wonderful miracles. 1,143 more words


Who Knew That Medicare Does Not Pay For Most Wellness Visits?

I am in the middle of appealing Medicare’s decision to NOT pay for my annual wellness visit with my primary care physician. When I called my doctor’s office to find out if they had any idea what the problem was, I was told that there are numerous billing codes that can be used for an annual wellness visit, BUT Medicare only covers a pitiful few of them. 401 more words

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