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PREQUEL: Benvenuti a Medicina 33, oggi parleremo della prostata (Luciano ci manchi!!!).

INTERQUEL: Cari amici, siamo qui riuniti per scavare nei meandri delle ossessioni dei TSS in una modalità ancora inedita per questo blog. 1,673 more words

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Holby City: They call him Dr Smug

(Series 17, ep. 2)  What kind of doctor is Dr Raf Smug? “What kinda doctor are you?” asked Michael Spence. See – he wants to know as well. 834 more words


The Stunning, Punishing Season Finale of 'The Knick'

“Crutchfield”, the stunning, status quo-shifting season finale of The Knick ended an enthralling season of television with everything in the air. Will Dr. Thackery ever overcome his debilitating and destructive drug addiction? 2,438 more words


The Knick: Crutchfield (An honest review of the season finale)


Bleakest, most heart-wrenching, and shocking end to a phenomenal season ever known to man.

I am weeping. That is all.

Saving Hope Spoilers: Images for "Joel 2:31"

From the images below, it looks like Joel and Alex are getting cosy as we see Joel lean in for a kiss. But if you saw the promos for the episode, the kiss gets interrupted. 131 more words

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Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 5 "Breaking Away" Recap

After Alex declared that she no longer loves Charlie, Maggie has moved in and so has Dawn’s guinea pig (temporarily).

At Hope-Zion, Mal is offering words of wisdom to Charlie about his breakup with Alex when Alex appears behind him Charlie wants to give his keys to Alex and when their hands touch, Alex gets a romantic memory of (we assume) Charlie writing a heart in the sand, most likely from their Costa Rica vacation. 1,036 more words

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THE KNICK, altro che E.R., Grey’s Anatomy e Dr. House

PREMESSA: TSS amanti delle tre serie citate, vi ho sentiti bofonchiare qualcosa. State calmi! 961 more words

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