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The View From Bed 3 - Part 3

These documents will form the first line of defence against the staggering degree of incompetence I experience on a regular basis in hospital. I consider this necessary because, if you extrapolate what happens to me across the entire patient base, people must be dying as a result, and I’d rather not be among them. 1,389 more words

View From Bed 3

MEDICAL ERRORS may cause 400,000 deaths annually in US

Fifteen years ago, the famous To Err Is Human report issued by the Institute of Medicine estimated that the number of patients who die from medical errors is about 98,000 each year.  274 more words

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The View From Bed 3…

Apologies in advance if some of this is a bit rambling – whenever I’m in hospital my brain turns to mush. That’s not Bed 3 above, of course, that’s my Clockwork Bed at home which, in terms of essential adjustability is vastly better than Bed 3. 2,056 more words

View From Bed 3

Infusion Error

Two infusions ago I was the victim of a medical error. I enjoy Remicade as part of my medical treatment for my Crohn’s disease. It is a biologic medication that blocks part of the immune system called tumor necrotic factor alpha inhibitor. 285 more words


UK’s worst doctors are named, shamed but let off: Just a slap on the wrist... for fatal mistakes and criminal behaviour

Some of Britain’s worst doctors have been allowed to carry on practising despite making fatal medical errors and engaging in criminal behaviour, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. 152 more words

Morbidity & Mortality Conference, a post mortem

When things go wrong in medicine, as they invariably do, we try to figure out what went wrong, and why.  We try to learn if there’s anything we could have done better and what we should do next time. 1,638 more words


Medical Errors Third Leading Cause of Death


Medical Errors Third Leading Cause of Death, Senators Told.

Subcommittee chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT), called the hearing to publicize statistics showing that preventable medical errors in hospitals…

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