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False Dilemma --- The Beginning of Disaster?

One fundamental hallmark of life is the necessity of decision making. In fact, regardless of our age, gender or ethnic background, we would invariably come across scenarios in which we are forced to make choices — Should we agree or disagree? 2,001 more words


CDC nonsense revisited... Again

source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1165664

Come on, this is classic. It appears to be yet another textbook case of defaming the messenger (Hooker) and massaging/suppressing the message ( 627 more words


15 Lies about Health and Mainstream Medicine



The mainstream healthcare (AKA Sickcare system) has done a number on humanity.  People buy the lies again and again, thinking there is enough evidence to back up these ideas or enough trust to put in medical professionals.  247 more words