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The home of Ben & Jerrys: Marijuana Investment gets ready, set, go in Vermont

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont could reap hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue if it were to legalize marijuana, but only if other nearby states don’t also jump on the bandwagon, according to a study released Friday. 524 more words


Bill Offers Minnesota Medical Marijuana Relief

The once ill-fated cromnibus (continuing resolution omnibus) bill, that has been the center of so much controversy, is now heading toward the Senate. It is likely to meet with less friction there, although some from Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic camp may make its passage less than smooth. 223 more words

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Justice Department to allow Marijuana on Tribal Lands

Some Native American tribes have considered growing marijuana on their lands as a business.

On December 11, the Justice Department said it would not interfere with such a program… 306 more words

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Today is awesome so far. I woke up and felt like I slept. So far, marijuana has been nice to me. Here’s the run down of the good, bad, and ugly of marijuana… so far. 1,420 more words

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GW Pharmaceuticals Patents New Marijuana Drug

The UK’s GW Pharmaceuticals has developed new marijuana-based drugs.

The company received a patent for two cannabinoids found in marijuana, CBD and the psychoactive ingredient, THC back in 2013. 287 more words

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Minnesota Garden Center to Open Marijuana Enterprise

The leading Minnesota gardening center, Bachman’s Inc., has raised $12.4 million in equity financing to start Leafline Labs, a medical marijuana enterprise.

Spokesman Fred Haberman says Leafline is a completely separate company.  259 more words

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