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Will D.C.’s Pot Law Survive Congress?

Congress has the final word over any new law’s within the capital.

That includes the new recreational marijuana law, making adult possession of up to 2 ounces legal. 307 more words

Medical Marijuana

Nestdrop: California's Medical Marijuana Delivery App

What if you could order medical marijuana on your smartphone?

Say hello to NestDrop. Earlier this year, the app gave California users a way to receive alcohol deliveries right to their door. 309 more words

Medical Marijuana

Lifeloc Moves to Develop Roadside Marijuana Test

Lifeloc Technologies has been developing and manufacturing breathalyzers for decades.

Now they want to start making devices that check for marijuana impairment. Their current alcohol-related devices are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and are used in labs and by police departments worldwide. 303 more words

Medical Marijuana

D.C. Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Initiative 71 has passed in the nation’s capital.

That means up to two ounces are allowed for adult-use, defined as 21 years old and over. 297 more words

Medical Marijuana